The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Special Session on Monday, December 29, 2008at 5:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty.  Roll Call: Gary Baker, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Merle Ackley, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Melony Baker, Howie Kaiser, Keith Montgomery, and Mitch Current.

           The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting. Mr. Baker asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and they stand approved as written.

           Mr. Baker asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They stand approved.


          Chief Montgomery reported that the rescue needs worked on, it’s not charging right.  Mr. Baker told him that he would have Ken Rosebrook look at it. 

           Chief reported that the State Highway Patrol got on Mitch at an accident because our men did not have on orange vests.  Chief told Howie to go ahead and order vests from Fire Safety Services. This was fine with the trustees.

           Chief has ordered antennas for the handhelds from Bender Communications, because some of the antennas have broken off.

             Chief said that the engine if fixed and working really well.

              Chief reported that there are only 2 firemen that have signed up for the schooling that has been discussed at two previous meetings.  Chief should have a definite number by the next meeting.

              Chief stated that the CO protector is up to Fire Safety Services to get fixed as it is not working properly.

              Chief reported that the fire dept. needs the Norton Virus for the computer at the fire house. Chief will pick it up.

             Mr. Merle Ackley brought up about plowing snow for the elderly people in Perry Township. He feels that we should make a list, and after all the roads, alleys, etc. are done then we go out and plow out these people.  The trustees decided to get together and decide who needs to be done.  Mr. Baker also reminded Mr. Ackley that Mr. Heaton told us last year to not to do this, as where do you start and where do you end. 

             Mr. Ackley asked Keith what the fire dept. needs for next year.  Chief stated that the engine is getting close to 20 years old, so we need to look at getting ready to replace it, as after its 20 years old, it no longer passes the tests.  Other than that, the Chief stated that the fire dept. is in pretty good shape.

             Mr. Jeff Rosebrook reported that Cindy and he met with Mr. Heaton last week, and Jeff told the Prosecutor that we have adopted a safety fire code for Perry Township.  Mr. Heaton stated that that was good, as we need to have that in place prior to them coming to Perry Township with more chicken farms.  Mr. Heaton is going to check out and see if there is anything that we can do to keep the chicken farm from coming to Perry Township.  He is going to contact the Union Co. Prosecutor and see what he can tell him, as he is very involved with this situation.

             Mr. Gary Baker had a proposal from DP&L Energy, where they have added one more street light to town.  This will make us having 34 instead of 33.  Trustees signed the contract and Mrs. Stalling will send it in to them.

             Mr. Baker reported that Honda contacted him and they are willing to pay for ½ of the lighting for the stop signs at TR 143 and SR 347.  So, as soon as Mr. Baker can get ODOT to approve them going up, we can order them and get them installed.

             Mrs. Stalling had some information on our new Insurance policies.  She passed the information out to the employees. 

             Mr. Merle Ackley reported that we have 2 drives that are in really bad shape, the one at Wolevers and the one at Bibles. He wanted to know if we could chip and seal those two drives.  He stated that the way they are now, they are hard to plow.  All Trustees agreed that it would be okay to chip and seal those two drives next spring.

           Mr. Gary Baker stated that in the Log. Co. Health Dept.’s minutes we received, they have cut 12 employees so far, so hopefully they are in better shape financially than we think they are. 

           Mr. Baker asked Mrs. Stalling to open the bids for the portable generator that we put out for bid.

We received 7 bids.  They were:

1) Area Energy                                                 $26,092.00    Disconnect $4,934.00

2) Cummins Bridgeway                                     $24,779.00

3) HBI           50Kw                                         $27,244.00    Disconnect $2,508.00

   HBI             60 KW                                      $27,294.00

4)  Millenium Products                                      $21,665.00

5)  Howard T. Moriarity                                   $24,943.00

6)  United Rental                                              $24, .800.00

7) JD Equipment                                               $30,311.29


After much discussion, Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion to accept the bid for the disconnect from HBI for $2,508.00, seconded by Mr. Gary Baker.  Baker, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Ackley, yes. 

As for the bids on the generator, we are going to put the bids in the office so that the Trustees can go in there and study them before the next meeting, and a decision will be made at our Jan. 12, 2009meeting. 



       Mr. Baker wants to get ahold of the Log. Co. Commissioners after the first of the year and see what is going on with the sewer system coming to Perry Township.  We will have a new commissioner, Mr. Tony Core, and maybe he can get the ball rolling for us.

Mr. Baker will call them and set up a meeting with them.



                Mr. Gary Baker made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Baker, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Ackley, yes.


BILLS TOTALED                                                     $43,077.42


INCOME FOR DECEMBER                                      $16,305.58


      Mr. Gary Baker made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Baker, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Ackley, yes.


                                                Respectfully submitted by:



                                                Cindy Stalling, fiscal officer


Accepted by Perry Township Trustees:



Gary Baker


Jeff Rosebrook


Merle Ackley