The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, March 9, 2009 at7:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty.  Roll Call: Merle Ackley, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Gary Baker, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Melony Baker, Howie Kaiser, Keith Montgomery, Bonnie Brose,  Dave Cook, Doug Henry, Linda Baldridge, Beverly Wolf and Mitch Current.

           The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Ackley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and they stand approved as written.

           Mr. Ackley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They stand approved.

 Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes. 

         Mr. Dave Cook reported that the squad has received their laptop computer and all staff should be trained on it by the middle of March, and then they will get it into use.  He stated that the squad is going to purchase a printer to go with this computer so they can print out reports before they go to Robinaugh.

       Mrs. Bev Wolf informed the Trustees that we have a cemetery in Perry Township called theAkey Cemetery.  The trustees were aware of this cemetery, Mrs. Wolf met with the Log. Co. Prosecuting Attorney this afternoon, and the Akey’s do not own this cemetery.  The owner on the deed is the United Brethern Church, and it no longer exists.  That church joined the MethodistChurch years ago.  There are 13 bodies buried there, and 2 tombstones have been moved to theEast Liberty Cemetery, but the bodies were not moved they are still at the Akey Cemetery.  The land where the cemetery is, is for sale now.  Mrs. Barbara Akey Turner is the owner of that land, and she tells everyone to stay off the land or she will call the law.   Mr. Heaton informed Mrds. Wolf that we have 3 options that we can do with this cemetery, they are:

1)      he is willing to help the township take ownership back of the cemetery, then the township will have to maintain the cemetery.

2)      Ask descendents of each body buried there about cleaning up the cemetery

3)      The Trustess can move all the bodies to other cemeteries in the township at the townships expense.

Mrs. Wolf thinks that the township should take ownership back of this cemetery, and that Mr. Heaton is willing to help us do this.

The trustee want to go out there and take a look at the cemetery.

The trustees thanked Mrs. Wolf for her work on this project.  Mr. Rosebrook stated that he will check with Mr. Matt Wilson, as his wife was interested in cleaning up this cemetery a few years ago and got run off of the property.

      Mrs. Bonnie Brose, janitor, reported that she purchased the sweeper for the lodgehall.

She also wanted to know if she could paint the bath rooms in the lodgehall and the room prior to entering the bathrooms?  Matter was tabled at this time.

      Mrs. Brose, president of the PTEC committee, asked the trustees if there would be willing to pay for ½ of the fireworks for the July event?  She reported that PTEC now has $19,300.00 in their account and the fire works costs $8,000.00, so that still  leaves them a total of $11,300.00.  After some discussion, Mr. Baker stated that he is going to vote No for this year, Mr. Ackley said lets not pay this year and see how things go.  All trustees agreed with this.  The original plan was that the trustees would help PTEC for a couple of years and then they would be on their own.

      Mr. Mitch Current, firefighter, stated that he took the computer out of the fire house in to get looked at and was told that is was not worth putting any money into it.   He had a quote from Best Buy for a new computer for $859.00 and to get all the information changed over  it would cost us $650.00 for a total of $1509.00.  This computer also has no modem and the fire dept. would like to have fast internet also.   The fire dept. also needs a printer, and the one that Mitch was looking at is a printer, fax machine and a copier for around $200.00- $250.00.  The company that will do the change over is called SOS and they will not take a purchase order, they will need a check when the work is done.  After asking a lot of questions, Mr. Baker made motion to purchase the computer, the change over, and the printer, seconded by Mr. Ackley.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.    Mr. Current will take care of getting all of this for the fire dept. with the exception of Mr. Baker getting the computer so he can use his credit card.  

      Mr. Current reported that the speakers are hooked up at the fire station from Bender Communications and are working well. 

      Chief Montgomery reported that the heat in the day room is not working.  Trustees will look into this.

      Chief reported that so far this year we have had 15 fire runs and 22 EMS runs.

     There are two guys that will be going to fire school, they are Drew Dixon who will be going to JVS, and Robert Shively who will be taking his at Rhodes State.  The class will cost $430.00 each, and they will sign a contract with the township for this class.

     There are 12 or 13 that will be going to the FDIC Convention in Indiana.  The fire dept. has already paid for this, cause if it was paid by a certain date it was cheaper, so the township will reimburse the fire dept.  The costs is $345.00.  They will be going on April 25th. 

     Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to pay for the two gentlemen to attend fire school, seconded by Mr. Gary Baker.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

      Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to reimburse the fire dept. for the trip to FDIC, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

      Mr. Gary Baker had a letter that he had written to Mr. Craig Eley at ODOT for the flashing stop signs to be installed at 347 & 143.  The letter was okay by the trustees, so Mr. Baker will send it to Mr. Eley.

      Mr. Baker reported that the alternator has been ordered for the rescue, and has been ordered for 2 weeks and is still not in.  The costs for the alternator is $1,600.00.

      The generator for the Lodgehall needed a power cord, HBI ran that cord for $6,963.00.   Mr. Baker reported that the fluids are in the generator and it is ready to start.  He would like to have a John Deere mechanic here when we start it in case anything goes wrong.  All trustees thought this was a good idea. 

      Mr. Baker reported that the water heater at the Lodge Hall has a bad valve on it. 

     Mr. Baker brought up about the OTARMA forms that they suggested we put into effect, what did the other trustees think about them.  We tabled this matter until we see what exactly we will be doing about our insurance policy.

     Mr. Baker brought up about the bathroom in the Lodgehall, he suggested that instead of making an ADA bathroom back by the refrigerator, that we look into making the existing ones ADAaccessible.  He would like to get an archectitct in here and get a quote on what it would costs to do that.  We would have to remove the step into the room prior to going into the bathrooms.  This was okay with all the trustees for Mr. Baker to talk to Mr. Mike Bow and see what he thinks this would costs the township.

      Mr. Jeff Rosebrook brought in a table and 4 chairs from the West Mansfield Hardware to see what the trustees thought of them.  All trustees thought that they were fine, so Mr. Rosebrook will go and order them tomorrow and they should be in in two weeks.

      Mr. Rosebrook had the diplomas framed and ready to be hung in the Community Room.

      Mr. Rosebrook reported that he has put a light on the sign on the side of the fire house, he fixed the flag pole light at the fire house, and he fixed the light in the ceiling at the Community Room.

      Mr. Rosebrook would like to see HBI Electric be here also when we start the generator for the first time since they put the disconnect on it for us. 

     It was brought up as to whether we are going to put up a new fence around the triangle or not. We should have some leftover fencing from the park, then it was suggested that maybe we put poles in the corners and run a chain from pole to pole.  Mr. Rosebrook will check into this and see what it would costs to do this. 

     Mrs. Stalling brought up that the Chief brought her the reports that are kept on the trucks at the fire house by Mr. Howie Kaiser.  Mrs. Stalling reported that the reports were excellent, and that Howie is doing a great job. 

      Mr. Baker reported that our phone contract with AT&T  is up and that they don’t provide free phones anymore, we would have to pay to get new phones.  We all said that we didn’t need any new phones at this time. 

     Mr. Baker stated that

Mr. Ryan Lane
of Stolly Insurance (the Ohio Plan) would like to give the township a quote on our liability insurance.  But we would need to get with him before our next meeting.  All trustees agreed to meet with
Mr. Lane
on Monday, March 23, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.

     Mr. Baker stated that he applied for a grant for $170,000.00, it was some of the stimulus money and he got through to the 2nd round, and then was bumped out in the 3rd round. 

      Mr. Baker emailed Tony Core, Log. Co. Commissioner, on March 3 to see if there was going to be any money available to us for sewer?  He didn’t think there would be.  Then we received a letter from the Commissioners that stated there wouldn’t be any money available unless you were “shovel ready” for a project.

      Mr. Rosebrook brought up about those roads that the county wants to give to the township. WE are still waiting for the next meeting with the county.

      Mr. Ackley brought up about Mr. Richard Stanley passing away, he was a long-time member of our Zoning Appeals Board.   We will need to advertise his position being available.  The trustees would like to hold interviews with the ones that are interested in the position.  We will hold interviews one hour prior to our next meeting on April 13.  MRs. Stalling will advertise this in the paper. 

       Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion that the township start paying for the elected officials and the full-time employee (Mr. Dave Sharp) dental and vision insurance policies, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker abstained as he does not use the township insurance.

      Mr. Ackley made a motion that the township pay for the flowers that we sent to the funeral home for Mr. Stanley, since he was an employee of the township, seconded by Mr. Gary Baker. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

     Mrs. Stalling brought up that we received our yearly assessment for L-U-C Regional Planning Commission, it was for $684.45.  Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to remain a member, seconded by Mr. Gary Baker.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

      The cemetery clean-up for spring will be that all decorations be off of the graves by April 15, 2009.  We will advertise this in the examiner.

      As per our State Auditor, we need to have an Investment Policy in place.  Mrs. Stalling had this one prepared:

The Board of Perry Township Trustees recognizes the value of keeping records for interest receipts.

The Trustees therefore, authorizes that the interest on the Checking Account will go directly into the General Fund.  The interest on the MMA will be divided into the General Fund, the Motor Vehicle Fund, and the Gas Fund by percentages that reflect the cash balance.

 The fiscal officer will be responsible in getting the amounts into the proper funds as stated in the policy.

Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to accept this policy, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook..  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

      As per our State Auditor we need to have a copy of our Public Records Policy up in the Township Office and also one in the Public Library.  Mrs. Stalling has already posted the policy in both places.

      Mr. Gary Baker made a motion the we contact Mr. Gerald Heaton, Log. Co. Prosecuting Attorney, and go ahead and start the process on getting the Akey Cemetery back to the Township for ownership, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes, and Baker, yes. Mrs. Stalling will email Mr. Heaton and let him know to get started on this.

     Mr. Baker brought up that when Dave got the truck stuck in a snow drift, we had to call Don Johnson and he had to bring out his back hoe to get the truck out.  When he was pulling the truck out his hydraulic line broke and he lost a bunch of fluid.  The bill to fix this was quite expensive. Mr. Baker would like for the township to pay for ½ of this bill, it should be around $1,500.00.  Mr. Baker made  a motion to pay for ½ of this bill, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

     Mrs. Stalling received her letter of Exemption from Continuing Education Requiements from the Ohio Treasurer of State office, Kevin L. Boyce.   Copy attached.

     Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Gary Baker.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

TOTAL OF BILLS:                                                                             $50,504.98


INCOME FOR FEBRUARY                                                              $ 16,616.20





     Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.


                                                Respectfully submitted by:



                                                Cindy Stalling, fiscal officer




Merle Ackley


Jeff Rosebrook


Gary Baker