The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, May 11, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty.  Roll Call: Merle Ackley, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Gary Baker, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Melony Baker, Howie Kaiser, Keith Montgomery, Doug Henry, Linda Baldridge, Beverly Wolf, Dan Ackley, Dave Cook, Tom Cunningham, and Paul Blair.

           The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Ackley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and the stand approved.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes, and Baker, yes.

           Mr. Ackley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They stand approved.

 Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

          Mr. Howie Kaiser reported that the field gauge is still out of service. 

          Mr. Dave Cook reported that the squad is doing fine.  He stated that Margie is suppose to be back to work by the end of June.

          Ms. Linda Baldridge wanted to know an update on the Akey Cemetery.  Mrs. Stalling had an email from the Log. Co. Prosecuting Atty, Mr. Jerry Heaton stating that he is still working on it, but should have some paperwork on it for us next week.  He said that we need to send the property owner a letter from the township and he will help us with the wording for this.

           Mrs. Bev Wolf needs help tomorrow from the fire dept. at the food pantry around12:30 p.m.

          Mr. Gary Baker wanted to know if the fittings for the dry hydrants were in yet.  Doug Henry stated that they are getting prices from FSS also.

         Mr. Baker reported that he received a letter from ODOT about the 143-347 intersection; they stated that it’s not possible to put in a traffic light due to the State regulations. We also can not change the stop signs; we can’t put the flashing lights on them.  We can change the Stop Ahead signs, but not the stop signs.  Mr. Baker will talk to Honda and see if they’ll pay ½ on the flashing light to put on the Stop Ahead signs.

          Mr. Baker stated that the company is done installing the new street lights.  The trustees now need to go around town and decide where the dark spots are and where we need to put in some more street lights because of the dark spots.

          Mr. Baker still hasn’t heard anything from Parrott’s Impl. about coming over to be here when we start up the new generator.

          Mr. Baker reported that Mac-O-Chee Tree Service took down a tree at the corner of SR 292 and Temperance St, and also one at Perry Park.

          Mr. Baker reported that Perry Park is now open and the water is on and ready to go. He had to get some parts to get everything in working order.

         Mr. Jeff Rosebrook stated that he got the new swings today and he will install them at the park.

         Mr. Rosebrook brought up about taking the fence down at the creek at Perry Park.  All trustees agreed to remove the fence and the posts, but to leave the warning sign up.  Kids are going under and over the fence to get in the creek anyways.

         Mr. Rosebrook reported that the trustees will be removing some old broken equipment from the playground at Perry Park.

          Mr. Rosebrook has one base order for North Greenfield Cemetery.

         Mr. Merle Ackley reported that he had Dave nail up the elevator today, as there have been some kids in there.

         Mr. Ackley reported that we have received the chemicals for the mosquito fogging for the season.

        Mr. Ackley brought up about our tax levies for this fall, what do we need to do?  Mrs. Stalling called the Log. Co. Auditor and he can not attend our June meeting, but he will be here for our July meeting.  The trustees need to decide what we are going to do, as we have 3 levies coming due this year.

            Mr. Ackley reported that they fixed the tile on TR 127, they put stone in it.

           Mrs. Stalling reported that she has received copies of their liability insurance policies from Johnson Excavation, and Blairs’ Lawn Care, LLC.

           Mrs. Stalling stated that she has gotten all the paperwork to

Mr. Ryan Lane
of Stolly Insurance Co. that he was asking for. 

          Mr. Doug Henry, assist. Fire chief, gave an update of the fittings for the dry hydrants. 

          Chief Montgomery reported that there have been 29 fire runs, and 34 EMS runs so far in 2009.

          Chief stated that the grass truck needs a tune-up; it has a miss in it.

          Chief reported that the TRC inspection on hydrants was done last Saturday.

          Chief reported that the fire dept. will be doing the Street Dance this year.

           On Aug. 13, the Honda Rally will be meeting at Perry Park this year instead of at the Honda Plant.  The fire dept. would like to sell hot dogs and pop at the park if it’s okay with the trustees.  The trustees don’t have a problem with this.

           Keith Montgomery stated that he had some memorabilia from Blanche Watkins, ex. Her old diploma, if the township doesn’t want it, then it can go to the Log. Co. Historical Society.

           Mrs. Bev Wolf reported that Mrs. Erma Boysel asked her to bring up that the NorthGreenfield Cemetery was mowed but not trimmed.  Trustees and Paul told her that he usually mows one day and trims the next day.

           Mr. Gary Baker had a quote for the walking bridge at the park, to replace all the boards in it.  The quote was from Triple C Construction and was for $950.00.  After some discussion, Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to accept, the quote, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

          Mr. Baker also had a quote on painting the fire house.  He wants all the trustees to go down there and look at it before any decisions are made.

         Mrs. Stalling received a letter from the Log. Co. Engineer stating that they will keep CR 296 and 271 but they would like for Perry Township to accept CR 152 from

Main St.
to the cul-de-sac.  Mr. Baker made a motion to accept this road, seconded by Mr. Ackley. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.  Mrs. Stalling will send the County a letter stating such.

           Mr. Dan Ackley, zoning inspector, gave an update on the zoning.  Dan has called Wes of LUC and gave him our new zoning members.  Wes will be getting back with Dan about the next meeting with both boards about the Comprehensive Plan.

          Mr. Tom Cunningham reported that the creek behind his property, when we have high rains, his property floods.  He stated that Triple T Enterprises owns the property beside him, so he is land locked, and Tom would like to get the creek cleaned out.  He offered to purchase this land, but he can’t get an answers.  Mr. Ackley told him to contact the Log. Co. Engineer about this.

          Mr. Ackley reported that June 6 will be dumpster day.

         Mrs. Stalling had a bill from Robinaugh for a squad run.  The patient was requesting for us to write the balance off.  After a lot of discussion. All trustees agreed to go ahead and get the rest of the payment; she can make payments to us.  If we start this, then when does it end?

         Mrs. Stalling brought up about the Sargent bill?  He sent us a bill for last fall’s dumpster day, and we had talked to them last fall and they were to send us a new bill and Cindy was to hold on to the original payment, which she did.  Mr. Rosebrook talked to Jeff Clark’s brother-in-law and they said to mark the bill off.  Trustees told Jeff to contact him again and get a new bill as we want to pay for what they hauled away, as far as trash goes, but we don’t want to pay for them taking all the metal and then charging us to haul it away.

          Chief Montgomery reported that there was an officers meeting at the fire house and that all medics, intermediate EMT’s and EMTs have to take a 12 hour class for the county.  You have to learn how to put on 12 leads.  This is a mandatory class to go to and we have 2 that have not taken it yet.  They have until Friday to get on the list to take it or they will be terminated.  All trustees agreed that if it’s a mandatory class then all personnel has to take the class.

             Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.


TOTAL OF BILLS:     $46,341.65



INCOME FOR APRIL  $10,788.76


     Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.


                                                Respectfully submitted by:



                                                Cindy Stalling, fiscal officer