The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Special Session on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the office of the Trustees in East Liberty.  Roll Call: Merle Ackley, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Gary Baker, present and Cindy Stalling, present. Also present was Melony Baker, Keith Montgomery, Beverly Wolf, John Brose, Bonnie Brose, Margie Cook, Stanley Mounts, Brandy Cook, Larry McGrath, Dave Frangis and Dan Ackley.

           The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Ackley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and the stand approved.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes, and Baker, yes.

           Mr. Ackley asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They stand approved.

 Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

     Mr. Stanley Mounts, Superintendent of the Benjamin Logan School System, talked about the upcoming levy that will be on the ballot in November.  He gave out a power point presentation and went over it with all of us.  He explained about the levy and answered any questions that we had.

      Ms. Brandy Cook and Mr. Larry McGrath, of Huntington Bank, were here to discuss our sweep account.  Ms. Cook explained that with the interest rate being so low right now, it is costing us to have the sweep account.   She suggested we go to an interest bearing checking account and a money market account, and Mrs. Stalling could move money around between the funds through the internet.  After answering some questions, Mr. Gary Baker made a motion to change to the interest bearing checking account and the money market account and close the sweep account, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and  Baker, yes.  Ms. Cook will make the changes and then notify Mrs. Stalling when they are done.

      Mrs. Bev Wolf wanted to have an update on the Akey Cemetery, Mr. Baker has called Mrs. Akeys attorney and  he was on vacation.  His office told Mr. Baker that there shouldn’t be a problem checking it out though, and Mr. Baker should have some information by the next meeting.

     Mr. Charles Rasnick brought up about the hill that was cut out of S.R. 292 in 2000.  He reminded the trustees that he was informed that he did not need a permit to put the driveway in where the blue shop is.  In late 1999 he came to obtain a permit or permission for the campgrounds. He stated that it was going to be very expensive to put a driveway in for the campgrounds.  Mr. James Clay, zoning inspector at the time, told Mr. Rasnick that he did not need a permit for the driveway, Charles also went to LUC and talked to Mr. Carmen Scott and was informed the same, he did not need a permit for the driveway.  He talked to Mr. Robert Dill, Perry Twp. Trustee at the time, and Mr. Dill told him the same, no permit.  Then when Mr. Rasnick got ready to put the culvert in for his driveway the township came out and told him that he had to put a different size of culvert in, as the one he was putting in was not up to township specifications.   Mr. Rasnick changes the culvert size and opens up the driveway. Then the State comes in and tells Mr. Rasnick that there is not enough clearance for the driveway, and the State told him that he did need a permit for the driveway to the campgrounds and also one for the drive where the blue shop is.  Mr. Rasnick feels that he was misinformed from the township.  The State came in and cut the hill on SR 292 to make more clearance for the campgrounds drive and is charging Mr. Rasnick for the cutting of the hill.  Back in 2001-2002 the State was charging Mr. Rasnick $40,000.00.  Mr. Rasnick just recently received another bill for this, as he thought the whole problem was taken care of.  The bill is now for $10,000.00- $12,000.00.  Mr. Rasnick has made a couple of payments on this to keep the State from putting a lien on his property.  Mr. Rasnick feels that if the Township felt that they did not have  any part in this, then why did they come out and have him change the size of culvert that he was putting in?  Mr.  Rasnick feels that it is the Townships responsibility for being misinformed.  The State is only charging Mr. Rasnick now for the material that was used. Mr. Rasnick feels that he was mis-guided.  Back in 2001 we went and talked to the Logan County Prosecutor, Mr. Jerry Heaton, about this whole situation, and Mr. Heaton told the Trustees that the Township can not spend money on a

State Route
.  After a lot of discussion, the trustees want to go back up to the Prosecutors office and talk to Mr. Heaton again about this and have Mr. Rasnick go with us.  Mrs. Stalling will contact Mr. Heaton and set up a meeting if he is willing to meet with us.

      Mrs. Margie Cook, squad chief, told Mrs. Stalling that she needs a signed W-9 for the paperwork that she is working on for Medicaid.   Mrs. Cook would also like to set up a meeting with the Trustees to set up new by-laws for the fire dept.  Mrs. Stalling told Margie that the Chief told her that he wants to wait until after election to set up the by-laws, to see who the trustees are and to see if the fire levy passes.

     Mrs. Bonnie Brose, janitor, thanked Mr. Baker for fixing the hot water in the Lodge Hall and also for the new faucets in there as well.  She said that she was like a kid at Christmas when she found all this.

     The Ben Logan Homecoming Parade will be in East Liberty on Sunday, September 27, 2009.  The powder-puff game will start at 4:00 p.m. at the park, the parade will be at 6:00 p.m. and then a pep rally and bonfire will follow the parade.  Chief Montgomery will set up the parade with the fire trucks leading it, and Mr. Baker will get the PA system set up for the committee.

     Chief Montgomery reported that there are 2 new batteries in the rescue.  Howie Kaiser has painted the curbs yellow at the fire house today.

      The cell phone in the rescue is not working.  The battery is burned up, as the phone is always plugged in.  Mr. Baker will check and see if he has a battery that will fit it, and if not he will replace the phone.

     Chief reported that the Street Dance was a success.

     Howie Kaiser will be gone on Sept. 22 & 23 to attend a Critical Incident Stress Management class.  This will be held at the Bellefontaine RTC Center and there is no fee for the class.  Howie explained that Logan County is trying to put together a team to help more in more stressful accidents and gory situations.  This team can be available to be countywide and also statewide if need be. Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion to pay Howie his hourly wage for his time in class, seconded by Mr. Ackley.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

     Chief reported that on Oct. 3 they will go to TRC to make the final inspection for 2009.

     Dave Frangis reported that his wife, Candy the Assist. Squad Chief, attends the CountySquad meetings, and at the last meeting there was a report handed out that was for the response times from May 2009- August 2009 and Perry Townships Squad had the best response time of all the squads in the county.   Our response time was 2.42 sec. for an average.

      Margie Cook, reported that Robert Shively is taking his ACLS-PALS class for his Medic school.  It costs $150.00 for this class.  Mr. Ackley made a motion to pay for this class, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

     Mr. Gary Baker talked to Tom Erwin, and Tom told him that he will have the paperwork to Mr. Dan Ackley tomorrow for the variance for the Recycling Center.  Mr. Baker feels that we should waive the fees for this variance as this is going to help everyone.  After some discussion, Mr. Baker made a motion to not charge any fee for the variance permit from the Log. Co. Soil and Water, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.  Mr. Erwin told Mr.,. Baker that they are hoping to have it done by the end of October.   

     Mr. Baker reported that there have been new brakes put on the dump truck but now it needs new front tires.  All Trustees agreed to get the new tires and to go to Levans as they have a State Bid contract.  Mr. Baker will take care of getting this done.

     The oil line on the Big Dump truck is okay now.

     Mr. Baker talked to Jenny at LUC about the Comprehensive Plan and our General Fund, that maybe we should put it on hold for now.  Jenny told him not to worry about it and they still haven’t used the State money they have yet.

     Mr. Baker stated that DJL will be bringing in the material for the crack sealing for the roads in the next two weeks.  Paul Blair, Jefferson Twp. Trustees would like to come over and see it when we get ready to do the work and see how it works.  Gary would like to contact Zane Twp. also and see if they would be interested in coming over and seeing it as well.

     Mr. Baker checked out TR 129 and he didn’t see any bad spots on it. 

     Mr. Baker reported that Triple C  Construction has 3 sides of the fire house painted and it looks really nice.

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook reported that he ordered the material for the electric work to be done at the shelter house.

      Mr. Rosebrook stated that the material to do the parking lot beside the fire house is in.

     Mr. Rosebrook cleaned some stone at the corner of

Foundry St.
and CR 154 that the county had dropped there and made it a very dangerous intersection.

     Mr. Merle Ackley reported that the roads have been run and are all okay.

     Mr. Ackley stated that he has replaced curve signs on 3 roads as they had faded out.   The roads have been mowed again.

     Mrs. Stalling reported that our Audit has finally been released.

      Mr. Baker reported that the tile on Smuckers property has been fixed.  John Brose helped out with it, and Mr. Baker thanked him for his help.

     Mr. Baker stated that there are 5 bases to be poured.

     Mr. Baker brought up about Fall Dumpster Day, he feels that since we will be getting a 24/7 Recycling Center, maybe we shouldn’t do the fall dumpster day.  After some discussion, all trustees agreed to not do the fall dumpster day and to see how the recycling center goes, and to have our Spring Dumpster Day in May of 2010.

     Mr. Rosebrook attended another Egg Farm meeting at Raymond, it was reported that there are people from other states working on checking out the air, and other things, but it don’t look like any of it is going to be done in time to stop anything.  It’s going to be too late to stop the egg farms from coming in and expanding.

     Mr. Rosebrook brought up about the land that Mr. Litteral would like to sell to the township, all trustees agreed that as of now they don’t feel like we have any use for it.

     Mr. Dan Ackley, zoning inspector, reported that he and Gary Baker went and talked to Jenny and Wes at LUC about the Leathermans’ situation.   After all was said and done, Jenny told Dan that yes they do need a permit and Dan went back out there and they got a permit and then they called the county and got it okay and it’s all been taken care of and is okay now.

     Mr. Ackley stated that the land where they are wanting to put the recycling center is zoned R-2 so they will need a variance instead of a conditional use permit.     

    Mr. Ackley reported that trick or treat will be Oct 29 from 6:00- 7:30 p.m.  Mr. Ackley wanted to know if the fire dept. was going to help with it, and Chief said that yes they will be helping with safety that evening.

     Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to accept the Amounts and Rates by the Budget Commission, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

     Mrs. Margie Cook reported that for that paperwork that she is working on for Medicaid she needs all drivers to have a background check and she is sending them up to the BMV to get it and it is costing them $8.50 to get it.  Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to reimburse them for this, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Ackley yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.

     Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.


TOTAL OF BILLS                                                      $38,812.45 


INCOME FOR AUGUST                                           $166,152.97



     Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Baker, yes.


                                                Respectfully submitted by:



                                                Cindy Stalling, fiscal officer