The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the East Liberty Community Room.  Roll Call: Jeff Rosebrook, present, Gary Baker, present,  Merle Ackley, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Melony Baker, Dave Cook,, Dave Frangis, Howie Kaiser, John and Bonnie Brose, Dan Ackley , Keith Montgomery, Glen and Ramona Sidders, Paul Clapsaddle, and Beverly Wolf.

    Chairman Rosebrook called the meeting to order.

    The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting. Mr. Rosebrook asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They both stand approved by the trustees.

     Mr. Glen Sidders was representing the Lodge and wanted to tell the Trustees that the Lodge appreciates all that is being done to the  LodgeHall.  The improvements are looking really nice.  Then Mr. Sidders wanted to give a donation to the PTEC Committee for the fireworks.  So, Mr. Sidders presented Mrs. Bonnie Brose, chairman of PTEC, with a check from the Lodge.  Mrs. Brose thanked him for this generous donation.

     Mr. Dave Frangis, thanked the trustees again for sending some of the Firemen to FDIC. Mr. Frangis stated that 12 members went and that it was the biggest attendance that they had had in the past 5 years.  Mr. Frangis really enjoyed it and said that it is really interesting to go to and that he learns a lot when they go out there.  Mr, Ackley thanked Mr. Frangis for attending.

     Mr. Paul Clapsaddle was representing Mr. Larry Kerns of Florida.  Mr. Kerns is wanting to sell his fathers property on

Foundry St
.  But, the garage in the back is setting on the Township’s property by a foot.  It is on the  1stalley from
Foundry St.
State Street
Hamilton Street
.  Mr. Kerns would like to get an easement from the Township giving him 1’ of the townships property.  After some discussion, and Mr. Clapsaddle answering some questions, Mr. Merle Ackley moved the following Resolution.

     Larry Kerns, with land ownership in East Liberty, Logan County, Ohio is seeking an easement for the garage on his property which is sitting 1’ on the Property of the Perry Township Trustees.

     WHEREAS, the garage is located on the 1st alley off of

Foundry Street
, between
State Street
Hamilton Street
.  It is on Lot # 68 and 69. 

     WHEREAS, the Board of Perry Township Trustees desires to grant Mr. Kerns this easement of 1’ of property for which his garage sits on.

     This agreement is made and entered into this 11th day of April, 2011 by Larry Kerns and the Board of Perry Township Trustees. 

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook seconded the Resolution and the roll being called upon its adoption, the vote resulted as follows:


                        Mr. Jeff Rosebrook                             aye

                        Mr. Gary Baker                                   aye

                        Mr. Merle  Ackley                              aye



Adopted the 11th day of April, 2011              


Cindy Stalling, Fiscal Officer                         Accepted by the Perry Township Trustees:

Mr. Jeff Rosebrook    

                                                                        Mr. Gary Baker                      

                                                            Mr. Merle Ackley


 Mr. Clapsaddle stated the Mr. Kerns will really appreciate this from the Township.  


     Mr. Dave Cook, squad chief, reported that the squad is running fine.  The locks have been installed on the doors of the day room.  Dave said that Jennifer feels safer now that the locks are on.   The daytimers have been doing some spring cleaning, and some painting in the day room.

     Mr.  Cook stated that his wife, Margie, went for some more testing.  They are testing to see if the problems in her other arm are being caused by the original injury in the opposite  arm.

     Triple C Construction has been working in the Lodge Hall, they have the ADA ramp laid out and they have been painting also.  The wood work in there is rotten.  Dave said it seems like it has drawn moisture and just crumbles.  The trustees told him to see if they can figure out why it is that way.  Maybe checking into sealing that side of the building where water lay along the road and the building.  Or Dave said maybe putting in a new sidewalk with an angle to keep the water from getting up by the building.  Triple C will check this out and see what needs to be done to correct the problem.

     Mrs. Bonnie Brose, janitor, said that there is a problem at the Park.  There have been some boys playing with BB guns up there.  There were kids playing at the playground, so Bonnie and John called the Log. Co. Sheriff’s Dept.  They came out and talked to the boys and told them not to be shooting the guns toward the playground.  The Sheriff told the Brose’s that the Township needs to pass a Resolution stating that no guns are allowed at the park.  Mr. Ackley made a motion to put up a sign that says “No Guns in Park”, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook. Mr. Baker stated that he would like to see a sign put up that has ALL the rules of the Park on it.  Motion was tabled.

     Mrs. Bonnie Brose reported that John and Dave will be moving all the tables and chairs out of the Community Room on Wed, so that the carpet layers can install the new carpet on Thursday.  Mrs. Brose said that she would like to see us purchase some new linoleum for the kitchen too.  She would also like to have a new stove in the kitchen at the Community Room too.

     Mrs. Bev Wolf needs help at the food pantry on Wed.

     Mrs. Wolf wanted to know if we had passed the law in effect about junk vehicles? Trustees told her we have not.  She stated that 2 years ago Mr. Penhorwood was asked to clean up his property on S.R. 292 and he still has not.  Mrs. Wolf said that if he want a junk yard, then he needs to get the permits and turn it into a junk yard.  Trustees told her that we did go and meet with the Log. Co. Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Heaton and was told that each car would be a separate case.  And it would be quite expensive to do this.  Mr. Rosebrook said that he will make a trip out to Mr. Penhorwood’s and talk to him and see what he can get done about this.

     Mrs. Wolf said that she understood that Mr. Jay Ackley has purchased the Akey Land that the Akey Cemetery sits on.  So, are we going to expand the area for the stone for the AkeyCemetery?  Trustee told her No, and that Mrs. Shawndell Wilson is going to go out and try to find the stones.  Mr. Jay Ackley told her she can do whatever she needs to do, and he would like to know where the stones are as well. He does not want to be farming over top of them. Mrs. Wolf said “Well God Bless Mr. Ackley”.

     Mr. Dan Ackley, zoning inspector, reported that Mrs. Katie Meddles has started the paperwork on getting the alley between her property and the Brays closed.

     Mr. Dan Ackley also reported that Mrs. Sondra Skidmore, on C.R. 8 called him and told him that there was junk coming down the creek out by her property.  She called Ray Long as he owns the property where the junk was coming from, and he told her that the stuff was not his.  She was making Mr. Ackley aware of the situation.

     Mr. Merle Ackley reported that the flowers have been removed off of all the cemeteries for spring clean up.

     Mr. Merle Ackley said that the drive at the park looks really nice.  We have widened it and blacktopped it. We now need to purchase some new gates for the entrance.  He has already talked to Mr. Wenger about installing them for us. 

     Mr. Ackley would like to see T.R. 129 stripped this summer.

     Mr. Gary Baker reported that we got 2 more vision impaired signs and that Dave has put them up.  All the intersections in town should be covered now.

     Mr. Baker reported that the alley between J.D.Gibsons and Tracy Paugh properties, there was an old septic tank under the alley.  The alley started caving in.  Mr. Baker talked to H&S Asphalt about them blacktopping this area.  H&S told Mr. Baker that they would do this for us free of charge because we are good customers and they are already here doing the park and the fire dept. parking lot.  So, Gary and Dave went up and dug off the dirt to the top of the tank, they stoned it and it is ready for the black topping.  Then Mr. Baker talked to Jessica Gibson and they would like to have the alley blacktopped back to their garage.  They have already blacktopped in front of their garage, but they would like to do from

Temperance St.
back to the area that they have blacktopped in front of their garage.  Mr. Baker stated that this is still an open alley, so should the township pay for this?   After some discussion, Mr. Baker made a motion that we pay for having this blacktopped, seconded by Mr. Ackley. Rosebrook, yes, Baker, yes, and Ackley, yes.

     The dumpsters have been ordered for May 14.  We will run them from 7:00 a.m.- 12:00noon in front of Perry Park.

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook said that Jennifer Bowman asked him if we would set up a charge account with the store for the fire dept.  So when they need soap, ect. they can go up and get it. Mrs. Stalling stated that Bonnie Brose usually picked up whatever they need at Wal-Mart, they make a list out and give it to Bonnie and she gets it on her monthly trip to Wally World.  After some discussion, Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion that we set a $50.00 charge limit per month for the fire dept. at Moores Grocery.  Seconded by Mr. Gary Baker.  Rosebrook, yes, Baker, yes and Ackley, yes.

     Mr. Rosebrook reported that he attended the monthly meeting at the Logan County Health Dept.  He stated that they discussed about tearing down old houses in Logan County.  The Health Dept. use to go in and tear them down and put the expense on the property owners taxes.  But, now there is not enough money to tear them down.

     Mr. Rosebrook wanted to know if we were going to put a cap on our building permits for Honda or not?  Mr. Rosebrook said that the next building project is in the works as he seen them taking water samples.  Mr. Baker stated that he wants us to wait until it gets closer to construction.  Mr. Ackley abstained.

     Mr. Rosebrook stated that Mr. Paul Clapsaddle talked to him about getting a street light up by the parking lot of the Church of Christ as it is very dark at the lot.  Is there anyway we can put one up there.  Mr. Baker wanted to know if there was already a post there?  There is, Mr. Baker will call Miami Lighting about getting this done. 

     Mrs. Stalling brought up that since we are talking about our Street Lights.  The street light fund is running really low.  In fact, it was broke last month.  She stated that in August she has to send in the Street Lighting paper to the County Auditor as to how much needs to come in from property taxes.  Mrs. Stalling turned in what she thought would be enough.  When Mrs. Stalling and Mr. Baker met with the rep. from Miami Lighting we were told that with the new lights the monthly bill would not be much higher than what we were paying Dayton Power and Light. So, Mrs. Stalling turned in the paper in August to the Auditor.  Then we had 16 new lights installed in town to cover dark spots.  And our monthly bill raised over 2 ½ times.  So Mrs. Stalling called Mr. Yoder, Logan County Auditor at the time after our 1st larger bill to see if she could change the percentage, and Mr. Yoder told her it was too late all the paperwork was already done.  So, we can’t change the percentage until this fall.  So, when the fund is broke, we will have to pay for the street lights out of the general fund.

     Mrs. Stalling wanted to know when we are going to open the park?  Mr. Baker said not until the drive is done.  Mrs. Stalling told them to let her know when it is open so she can contact Allied Waste to start getting the trash picked up as ball practices have already started.

     Mrs. Stalling had paperwork for all the trustees about recommendations from the Insurance Company.  If we do these recommendations it could save the township $750.00 per year.

     Mr. Keith Montgomery, fire chief, stated that the engine will be going over to West Libertyon Wednesday for the Fire Chiefs funeral.  Mitch will be taking it.

     Mr. Baker reported that if anyone was wondering why Howie hasn’t been working many hours this past month, it was because his wife had to have surgery and he has been at home taking care of her.

     Chief Montgomery reported that the lock boxes are in at TRC and there is a key hanging in each of the fire trucks for them.  If the  trustees want to go out and look at them to see if they would  like to have some of them installed on some of our township buildings just contact Rick Powers.

     Mr. John Brose stated that the fan in the woman’s bathroom at the Lodge Hall is not working properly.  Jeff said that he will have HBI Electric look at it when they come to fix the lights.

     Mr. Merle Ackley stated that he and Dave are going to take a couple of days and straighten the tombstones in all the cemeteries. 

     Mr. Dave Cook wanted to know about the dead tree on S.R. 292 across from Randy Austin’s property.  Mr. Baker said that DP&L are going to cut it down.

     Mr. Glen Sidders wanted to know where to get house signs at?  Mr. Merle Ackley told him at the Farm Bureau.  Mr. Sidders would also like to have a sign on the entrance door for the Lodge. Mr. Jeff Rosebrook told Mr. Sidders to get it and he will put it up. 

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Merle Ackley. Rosebrook, yes, Baker, yes and Ackley, yes.


TOTAL OF BILLS:    $ 80,588.48




INCOME FOR MARCH $186,584.90




       Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Merle Ackley. Rosebrook, yes, Baker, yes and Ackley, yes.