The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, April 9, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the East Liberty Community Room.  Roll Call: Jeff Rosebrook, present, Merle Ackley, present, John Brose, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Bonnie Brose, Keith Montgomery, Dave Cook and Mitch Current.

    Chairman Rosebrook called the meeting to order. 

    The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Rosebrook asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They both stand approved by the trustees.

     Fire Chief, Keith Montgomery, reported that the Fire Dept. received their set of books that were ordered.

     Chief reported that he ordered 2 helmets and a pair of Boots for Parker Robison.  The helmets are for Robison and Conley; these items were ordered from Fire Safety Services. 

     Chief stated that the rescue needs shocks, Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion for Bud Rosebrook to work on the Rescue, seconded by Mr. John Brose.  Rosebrook, yes, Ackley, yes and Brose, yes.  Jeff Rosebrook will contact Bud Rosebrook about working on the Rescue. 

     Chief reported that 11 firemen will be attending FDIC in Indianapolis in a couple of weeks.

     Mr. Dave Cook, squad chief, reported there is a good crew down there at the firehouse

now.  There is NO bickering anymore.  Chief Montgomery stated that he told them if

they want to bicker, then they can walk, we have other applicants that need work. 

     Chief Montgomery reported that Mr. Henderson burned that house on his property 2 weeks ago.  So that is not a worry for the fire dept. anymore.   Chief reported that Pete Miller has been burning piles on his property here recently. 

     Mr. Mitch Current reported that 2 radios and 2 pagers have been sent in to get fixed since the change in the system.

     Mr. John Brose reported that he got the front of the Lodge painted.  He got 2 loads of pea gravel in at the park and we need about 3 more loads.  He would like to get a shooter for the rest of the loads.  Mr. Brose reported that Triple C Construction did a great job on the merry-go-rounds at the park.  Dave Cook stated that one of them you can barely move, maybe there is too much gravel under it now.  Will have Dave take a look at it and see if that is the problem.

     Mr. Merle Ackley stated that all the flowers have been taken off of the cemeteries for the spring clean up.

     Mr. John Brose reported that Mr. Robert Shively wants to get out of his contract with Perry Township, as he is working too many hours at his job to be able to fulfill the requirement with the contract with Perry Township.  Therefore he would like to reimburse the Township the money that we paid out for his medic schooling and his books.  Mrs. Stalling had a letter ready for the Trustees to sign and also for Mr. Shively to sign that let him out of his contract, and he also wants to continue being a volunteer for Perry Township.  All Trustees are okay with letting Mr. Shively out of his contract.

     Mr. Ackley wanted to know if Mr. Kurt Penhorwood has paid for the cemetery base yet.  Mrs. Stalling told him that he has not. 

     Mr. Ackley stated that the dugouts at the Park need new roofs. After some discussion as to whether to go with metal roofs or not and as to what color we need, matter was tabled at this time.  We also need to check and see if the concession stand needs the roof replaced as well. 
     Mr. Ackley reported that the batting cage is up.

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook reported that he attended the Log. Co. Health Board Meeting.

    Jeff reported that he dug out some stumps at the Park and found a foundation while doing this. 

     Mr. Rosebrook said the Nelson Baxley called him and he wants to put a driveway in the field where we put the T in the tile.  If he does this then we would need to move the T in that tile. 

     Mr. John Brose brought up about having dumpster day for the spring clean-up.  All agreed to have it on May 12 in front of Perry Park from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.  Mrs. Stalling will send this into the Examiner and also put up posters around town as such.

     Mr. Brose stated that we still need to order the swings for the swing sets at the Park.

     All trustees agreed that we would open the Park on April 23 and Mrs. Stalling can call and start up the trash pick up again the 1st of May.

     Mr. John Brose said that the restrooms at the park are in need of some paint.  The walls and floors need to be done. 

     The Trustees will be putting a tile in the back of the concession stand to the creek, so we will need to cut the road to run the tile.  So, when we pour the floor of the shelter house, we will need to have concrete put in the splice in the road at that time also. 

     Mr. Merle Ackley brought up that Bates want to borrow 2 sets of bleachers for their hog sale on April 21st.  After a lot of discussion, Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion that we don’t let the bleachers be loaned out for private use, seconded by Mr. John Brose.  Rosebrook, yes, Ackley, yes and Brose, yes.  Mr. Ackley stated that they used them last year, if so then they used them without permission from the Trustees.

     Mrs. Stalling had new Insurance Books for the Trustees, and also new Beneficiary Papers that need to be filled out and returned to Cindy to be mailed back in by April 30th. 

     Mrs. Stalling reported that Mrs. Janet Blank called her and she would like to look through the cemetery books to see who is buried on what lot, as she is working on her family tree.  She would like to have the books for a day or two to look through.  After some discussion, all trustees agreed that we do not let anyone take these books to their homes.  Therefore, we all agreed that the Trustees would bring their books into the office and Mrs. Blank can come in and look at them when the Library is open.  That way Bonnie can let her in and she can look at them then and then Bonnie can close the office up when she leaves.  Mrs. Stalling will call Mrs. Blank and let her know this. 

     Mrs. Stalling reported that we have a new website as the company we had our website through went out of business as of April 30.  Mrs. Amber Rosebrook has been working with Cindy about getting this new website set up and Amber has transferred all the minutes from the old website to the new website.  Mrs. Stalling would like to pay Mrs. Rosebrook for her time.  All Trustees agreed to give Mrs. Amber Rosebrook $100.00 for helping Cindy with this website.  Cindy is most grateful for Ambers help in the matter, and also to the Trustees for paying Amber for helping.

      Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Merle Ackley.  Rosebrook, yes, Ackley, yes, and Brose, yes.



TOTAL OF BILLS:                                                   $57,002.81


TOTAL OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS:               $4,079.32


TOTAL OF INCOME FOR MARCH                                   $175,565.29



    Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Merle Ackley. Rosebrook, yes, Ackley, yes and Brose, yes.