The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Special Session on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. at the East Liberty Community Room.  Roll Call:  Merle Ackley, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Gary Baker, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was: Dave Cook, Margaret Cook, Keith Montgomery, Lance Emberling, Clayton Spring, Troy Watson, Mitchell Current, and Krystle Current. 


      Chairman Ackley called the meeting to order.

    Squad Chief Emeritus, Margie Cook wanted to know if this meeting was to discuss the firing of Mr. Lance Emberling and Mr. Clayton Spring and if they will get their jobs back of not. 

     Margie had paperwork that she passed out to all in attendance.  She had:

1)      the Personnel Manual for Perry Township Fire Department

2)      By-Laws for Perry Township Fire Dept. & EMS

3)      Letter from Larry Wellington

4)      Letter from Candy Frangis

5)      Letter from Joy Litteral

6)      Questions asked in the interview per their hiring

7)      Email from Jason Kidder, Pres. of Log. Co. EMS Assoc. about all Log. Co. EMS personnel need to take the 12 lead class.

8)      Email from Lois Coons as to who had taken the class

9)      Notice that was posted at Fire House about the 12 lead class

10)  Second notice that was posted at Fire House about the class

11)  Notice signed by all the Chiefs about attending the class

12)  National Right to Work Committee paperwork

13)  Wrongful Termination Claims paperwork


     After Margie went over the paperwork with everyone and getting a lot of feedback from the floor both positive and negative.


           Mr. Lance Emberling stated that the fire chief, Keith Montgomery told him and Clayton that they did not have to take this class.  Then 3 weeks later they were told that they did have to take the class. 

     Chief Montgomery said that in February he did tell Lance and Clayton that they did not have to take this class.  Then Keith was sick for 2-3 weeks and was not even down to the fire house.  When he came back after his illness, there were notices posted at the fire house stating that all personnel had to take the 12 lead class at MRH, and they had until May 15th to take the class.  Lance and Clayton talked to the Chief and he told them that they had until the end of May to take the class. The officers of the fire dept. got together on May 18 and made the decision to fire the two individuals that had not taken the class yet.  Then they got a call on May 19 from Assist. Squad Chief, Candy Frangis.  She left messages on both their cell phones, Lance called her back on May 19 and she told him that she was fired.  Clayton called her back on May 20 and she told him that he was fired.  Dave Cook wanted to know why Lance didn’t call him, Margie or Candy about taking the class, why did he just communicate with Keith. Lance said because Keith is the Chief, and we are a Fire Dept., so Keith is in charge of everything that goes on at the Fire House, not Dave or Margie. 

     Keith stated to the trustees that the two individuals were terminated. 

     Jeff Rosebrook wanted to know if they had taken the class yet.  They have not, Lance and Clayton stated that the class is to be taken annually and they have already taken it in December 2008, and they would have until Dec. 31, 2009 to take the class for this year.  Margie stated that Lois Coons, the lady giving the class at this time period and she stated that they should have taken the class at this time.   Margie said that there was a notice posted on April 15, 2009stating that they had one month to get the class done.  So therefore it should have been done by May 15.  Keith said that he made a verbal agreement with Lance and Clayton to have the class done by the end of May.  Lance and Clayton agreed to this, and then they got fired before the end of May. 

      Lance said that they did not have a problem taking the class, but they were told by the Chief that they didn’t have to take it at first, and then the notices were posted at the firehouse. On May 11 Keith told Lance and Clayton that they did have to take the class.  They told him OK, and that they would have it done by the end of May, then just a few days later they were fired.

     After a lot of discussion, some loud and some not so loud, the Trustees want to wait until we go up and meet with the Logan County Prosecutor, Mr. Jerry Heaton, on Monday morning at 7:30 to continue as to what we do from this point on.  Lance and Clayton requested in writing what happens with the Log. Co. Prosecutor. 

      Clayton has 6 years in with Perry Township Fire Dept.

     Lance would have 15 years in in October with Perry Township Fire Dept.

     Mr. Baker asked Lance and Clayton if they would feel comfortable coming back to work for Perry Township Fire Dept?  Lance and Clayton said that they feel like things would be different now, and that they would be on the chopping block at all times.

     Chief Keith stated that we should re-instate them and give them another chance.

     Margie reported that she has only had one incident with Lance, but she said there is a long history of not getting along with Clayton.  Margie stated that Clayton has never listened to anything she has ever told him; sometimes he just walks away from her while she is talking to him.

      Lance and Clayton said that they do not have a problem taking the class.

     Mr. Ackley said that we will have our meeting on Monday morning with the Prosecutor and then we will have another meeting with Lance and Clayton.

     Lance and Clayton said that they would have no problems with Margie if they came back to work, Margie told them that she would demand respect from them if they were to come back to work for the dept.  

      Mr. Baker told Lance and Clayton that if it is a mandatory class to take, then they would have to take the class.  Lance stated that he is not going to take the class unless he gets his job back. 

      Trustees all agreed that we all wait until after our meeting on Monday with Mr. Heaton before any decisions are made.   Lance and Clayton would like to know what happens at the meeting as they can not attend, Lance had medic school and Clayton is on call at Lakeview that day.  Mr. Ackley took their cell phone numbers and told them that he would give them a call on Tuesday and let them know what happened at the meeting with Mr. Heaton.

      Mr. Merle Ackley made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Ackley, yes, Rosebrook, yes, and Baker, yes.


                                                Respectfully submitted by:



                                                Cindy Stalling, fiscal officer


Accepted by Perry Township Trustees:



Merle Ackley



Jeff Rosebrook


Gary Baker