The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday,   

December 14, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. by virtual meeting.  Roll Call: John Brose, present, Terry Cook, present, John Baughman, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  In addition, present by calling into the meeting was Dan Coats, Doug Henry Larry Wellington Jim Collis and Kyle Brugler. 

     The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Mr. John Brose.  Mr. Brose said the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Brose asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They both stand approved by the trustees.

     Mr.  Terry Cook reported that the sidewalk beside the Lodge Hall is done and looks nice.

     Mrs. Stalling reported that we received our official results from the Park ley from the Logan County Board of Elections.

    Mr.  Cook reported that he sold a lot in the East Liberty Cemetery.

    Mr. John Baughman reported that the middle garage door at the shop has been replaced.  It broke.

     Mr. John Brose reported that Tony Fields has repaired the spouting on the firehouse.

     Mrs. Stalling brought up about who would be out LUC representative for 2021.

  Mr. Brose nominated Mr. Cook.  Mr. Baughman nominated Mr. Brose and Mr. Cook seconded that motion.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.  Therefore, Mr. Brose will represent Perry Township for 2021. 

    Mrs.  Stalling brought up about setting our year-end meeting.  All agreed to have it on Wed, Dec 30 at 9:00 a.m.  We either will be in the Community Room or will be doing it virtual.  Mrs. Stalling will advertise it in the Examiner.

     Mrs. Stalling reported that House Bill 404 has passed allowing Townships to have virtual meetings through June 2021.

     Fire Chief, Mr. Doug Henry, reported that one of our 24 hr. people at the firehouse has accepted another job and will be leaving the 24 hr. spot.  It is Jim Collins and he will still be picking up a day here and there.  Chief brought up that he is going to be working at Richwood Fire Dept. and that dept. would like to purchase Mr. Collin’s turnout gear from us. Richwood looked into purchasing it for him but it is 15 to 20 weeks out to get it.  His gear still has 5 years on it.  When he comes back to work here, he will ring his gear with him.  If anything would happen to his gear while he is working here, Richwood would pay to have it fixed or replaced Richwood would like to purchase it for $800.00.  This includes his coat, pants, gloves, hood, boots and flashlight.  After some discussion, Mr. Cook made a motion to sell it to Richwood Fire Dept. for $800.00, seconded by Mr. Baughman.  Brose, yes, ok, yes and Baughman, yes.  Mr. Collins will start at Richwood Fire Dept. on Dec. 18. 

     Mrs. Stalling thanked Mr. Collins for his service to Perry Township and so did the Trustees thank him.

     Chief Henry had a quote from FSS for class A foam, for a 5 gal pail it is $472.50 and Chief wants a 1” nozzle for the grass truck and it is $425.40 for a total of the items $897.90.  Mr. Baughman made a motion for said purchases, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.

    Chief reported that the department is trying to finish the green address signs and they need about 40 more signs and numbers.  It is going to cost around $1,267.50 for the supplies.  Mr. Brose mad a motion for said ouches, seconded by Mr. Baughman.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.

    The department is also working on a new schedule for the workers with Mr. Collins leaving.  Chief reported that Mr. Brian Wilson is also leaving the department. He got full-time fire inspector with the Bellefontaine Fire Department.

     Mr. Brose brought up about maybe looking into paying more to the firefighters, EMS personnel on the weekends, as we are having some issues with getting the schedules filled out on the weekends.  Chief stated that it would cost around $38,000.00 per year to put on another person at the firehouse on the weekend.  Mr. Brose suggested we need to look into what other departments around us are paying their employees.

     Mr.  Kyle Brugler reported that in 2021 would need to renew the drug license; it needs to be done in the spring.  In addition, the cost of the license has gone up.   

     The Records Commission met with no records to dispose of at this time  

     Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes, and Baughman, yes


TOTAL OF BILLS:   $80,970.76






     Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.