The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, February 14, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty.  Roll Call; John Brose, present, Kenny Rosebrook, present, John Gibson, present and Cindy Stalling present.  Also present was Bonnie Brose, Jessica Gibson, Kane Gibson, Renee Rosebrook, Jason Epp, Larry Wellington, Paul Benedetti, Don Jaures’s, Mary Jauzemis, Kim Kerns, Dan Ackley, Melony Baker, Nick Cronkleton, Jocelyn Kavanagh, Mel Stratton, Shalem Loritsch, Ruth Tetirick, Jon Appelfeller, Sandy Wilcox, Jeny Hammer, Trent Hammer, Mark Slonecker, Sash Slonecker, Kara Slonecker, Rhonda Moore, Quint Moore, Richard Leezer, Paul Scmaller, Luann Culp, Jim Culp, Corey Hamburger, Greg Hamburger, Rhonda Lane, Linda Coats, Sheila Ballinger, Lee Ballinger, Michael Whitford, Andy Whitford, Lorre Culp, Daniel Vertucci, Brandon Lane, Doug Henry, Daniel Trout, Kyle Richards, Jason Johns and Mike Yoder.

    All stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Brose asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and then asked if there were any additions or corrections the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They both stand approved.

     Mr. Ken Rosebrook had gone to Costco to look at table and chairs for the Lodge hall.  He purchased a chair and had to order a table that will be in on the 16th.  So, hopefully he will have the table and chair to bring to the next meeting to look at and see what we think. He is also working on getting us an account set up for the Township.

     Mrs. Stalling reported that she received the notification that Bryon Daum had received his letter from the fire dept.

     Mrs. Stalling had been contacted by Robinaugh EMS, who does our billing. They had been contacted by Danielle Evans of Bokescreek Township about her bill.  She wanted to know if we would write off the balance for her.  After some discussion, all the Trustees agreed that in the past we have let people make payments on their bills, even if it’s $10.00 per month, and Mrs. Evans can do the same thing. Cindy will let Robinaugh know this. 

     Mrs. Stalling filled put an application to Heritage Cooperative for a charge account and it has been approved.

     Mr. Gibson brought up about putting the Cemetery Mowing out for bids.  The Trustees had a copy of the old contract to look over.  Ralph Hall who has been doing it in the past, is not going to do it anymore, he lost his helper.  We will need to put it in the Examiner twice and open them at the next meeting.   The Trustees are wanting to put some of their expectations in the bid.  So, we will need to make some changes before we run it in the paper.  Trustees will get together what they want expected and then Cindy will run it in the Examiner.

     John Brose brought up that it was discussed about buying a concrete saw, and he is suggesting we just rent one for now if we need one. Trustees were good with this.

     Mrs. Stalling had copies of our Inventory and our Cemetery Rates for the Trustees.  

    Mrs. Stalling brought up about the American Rescue Plan Act, they have changed what we can spend that money on.  The Logan County Auditor, Mr. Jack Reser called her and told her that we need to change our minds and accept the money being given to the Township.   The amount for Perry Township is $99,827.76 and will come in 2 different payments.  It has to be spent by the end of 2024.  After some discussion, Mr. Brose passed the following Resolution:  (for some reason this Resolution will not print.  
It was to accept this money.  If you would like to read it contact Cindy).  Sorry 
     Mr. Rosebrook made a motion to leave the Zoning Inspector’s salary at $450.00 per month and 10% of each permit he writes, seconded by Mr. Gibson.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.  Mr. Brose made a motion to leave zoning meetings at $40.00 per meeting, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.            

    The part-time wage is $15.00 per hour, last raise was in 2017.  Mr. Gibson made a motion to leave it at $15.00, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Brose, abstained, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.   

     The full-time employee was given a 1.5% raise last year keeping up with the cost of living.  Mr. Gibson made a motion to raise his pay 1.5% this year going with the cost of living raise, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Brose, abstained, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.    He will also get 10 paid holidays, 10 vacation days, 3 sick days per year.  He can only carry over 60 days.

  Janitor’s Salary, last raises in 2020.  Mr. Rosebrook made a motion to leave it the same, seconded by Mr. Gibson.  Brose, abstained, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.  So, the pay will be: Townhall- $230.00 , Lodge hall-$205.00, Park-$260.00, winter months $20.00.

Non-profit, no charge for use of CR or Lodge for funeral dinners.

    The Fire Chief Salary Mr. Rosebrook made a motion to leave it at $1,700.00 per month, seconded by Mr. Gibson.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.  The Chief’s purchasing limit will remain at $250.00 per month.

     The TRC Inspections, 3 men at $75.00 per man, not to exceed 3 men and one of them maybe the Chief.  Mr. Brose made a motion to leave this the same, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.  Chief needs to get on TRC about a new contract.

     Township will pay for any training or advanced training to the Fire Dept members- as the Trustees see fit and approve of and is a Perry Township resident.

     Fire Dept personnel pay:  Mr. Brose reported that to keep guys on our roster we would like to add $2.00 per hour to all personnel, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, abstained.  Mr. Rosebrook brought up about the on-call volunteers.  They get paid a flat pay for being on call.  Mr. Rosebrook would like to pay these volunteers when they do go on a run, their hourly rate as well as the flat fee. Mr. Rosebrook made a motion to leave the pay the same, but if they are out on a run they would get their hourly pay as well, seconded by Mr. Brose.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, abstained.

   Mr. Ken Rosebrook brought up about making some templates for our employees with the exception of the fire personnel.  Mr. Rosebrook would also like to have the employees attend the monthly meetings and give a report.

      Mr. Rosebrook made a motion that all Township employees with the exception of the fire dept personnel, need to attend the monthly Township meetings. It would be Doug, Dan, Bonnie and Dave.  Mr. Rosebrook stated that if you are getting a monthly check from the Township, he doesn’t fell that attending a meeting 1 hour a month is too much to ask.  Mr. Brose said that he would be more inclined to ask them to come to the meetings. There is one person who does not want to come to the meetings.  Bonnie stated that Dave will quit before he will come to the meetings, and he is a darn good employee.  Mr. Brose said so that is the problem we have.  Mr. Rosebrook stated that he knows what a good employee he is.     Mr. Brose said we need to vote on it, Mr. Rosebrook said he does not feel like it is too much to ask, especially of we want to stay consistent.  Mr. Brose said Dave has reasons, and John don’t think he will come to the meeting.  Mr. Rosebrook made a motion that the Township employees need to attend the monthly Township meetings, Brose voted No, Gibson voted No.  Nothing personal.

     Mr. Larry Wellington reported that for the past couple years with Covid there has not been any formal training available for the firemen.  That has changed, there is going to be a Fire Inspector’s Class offered at Bowling Green from May 16-20 and Daniel Trout and Jason Epp would like to attend.  It would cost $1,740.00 for both of them, that would also include their books.  They would need to get a room and they have agreed to bunk in the same room.  They need to be signed up by March 28.  Mr. Brose made a motion for them to attend this class, room and books, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.

     Larry said that Firefighter Jason Epp would like to go to Medic School.  He would like for the Township to pay ½ and he would pay ½.  He would pay $2.00 an hour back as he pays it back. Jason has no problem signing a contract with the Township.  And agreeing to stay for however long his contract would be for.  He has no plans on going anywhere.  This is a 9-month program that begins in August 2022, the cost is $10,085.00.  Mr. Epp is currently trying to obtain a grant from Mary Rutan Foundation, if he gets it, it could be up to $2,700.00.  He would apply it to his tuition.   This class will be at Rhodes State College in Lima.  After some discussion, and Mrs. Stalling reporting that we did send 2 gentlemen in the past to Med School, we paid it in full, and then they came back and left the Dept for other employment.  This is why we want a contract signed.  If we paid for others to go to Medic School, the Township paid it in full, then Mr. Brose made a motion to pay for Mr. Epp to go to Med School with the Township paying it in full, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.  Mr. Epp was much appreciative.  We will work out the contract at later date.

     Mr. Dan Ackley, zoning inspector reported that there is a Zoning Variance Meeting on Virginia Montgomery’s property on March 2, at 7:30 p.m.  This will be for 2 variances.

     Ms. Melony Baker has been working on the fireworks. She had a meeting with Greg Fitzpatrick from Belle Center and with the help from Darin Brogan (who is licensed), here in town, we will be setting off our own fireworks this year.  She is still having trouble getting anyone to  help her with any projects, so the PTEC Committee may need some financial help with the cost of the fireworks. Mr. Brose asked her about how much, Mel said she wasn’t sure, but maybe around $7,000.00.  Mr. Brose told her we will need a copy of their insurance coverage for the day.  After more discussion, Mr. Brose made a motion to help PTEC out 1 more year, seconded by Mr. Rosebrook, Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.  We will discuss a figure at a closer date to the event.

   Mr. Kyle Richards gave an update on UniFirst where we get some of our supplies.  We are under contract with them until Sept.  Mr. Brose said what happens if we break this contract?  Mr. Richards and Mrs. Jessica Gibson both said that they have called the company several times and they won’t return their calls.  Kyle said he is going to cut back on some of the products we get from them to help cut the costs. 

     Mr. Daniel Vercutti, of Inverengy, was here to answer questions from the floor again.

          Mr. Joe Hughes, is visiting several Townships to talk about SB 52.  Which is about Wind and Solar Placements.  He went over the Bill and explained what it is about.  It states that the County Commissioners may designate restricted zones for these wind and solar placements. Under this Bill if the Commissioners do nothing, then whoever wants to put these up need to start with the Townships.  Fountain Point Project will be one of the 1st to go by this. Mr. Hughes is asking the Township Trustees to be pro-active on this.  He would also ask the County Commissioner to be pro-active too.  He is asking the Trustees to make a request to make Perry Township designated restricted area.  He would like for the Trustees to pass a Resolution stating as such to send to the County Commissioners.   Mr. Hughes gave several reasons why this is a bad thing for our Township if Big Solar comes in.  He stated that Bib Solar has done lots of footwork behind our backs, that we didn’t know they were doing, and then we were very surprised with all that they had already done.  Mr. Hughes said that Jefferson and Monroe Township have already made their Township a restricted zone.  Last week Bokescreek Township agreed to ask the County Commissioner to make their Township a restricted zone.  Mr. Hughes asked the Trustees to write a letter asking the Commissioner to make Perry Township a restricted area too.  Mr. Brose stated that he doesn’t know how these other Township can pass a Resolution and not really know how the people of the whole Township feels.  So, the Trustees would like to take a survey and get more opinions of what other residents of our Township feels about this.  Give us 30 days, we would like to do a survey, we will advertise it and see how they feel.  Mr. Brose stated that the Trustees work for all the residents of Perry Township. They don’t just represent the 30 to 40 that are here tonight.  Mr. Brose stated that he doesn’t think it is a problem, he feels that most of our residents will not be for it either, but he feels like we need to touch base with them and find out.  He wants to be able if someone down the road confronts him about this, he can tell them that they had the opportunity to voice their opinion.  Melony thought that contacting the whole Township is the only fair way to do this. 

    This opened up a bunch of comments from the floor.  Most not in favor of us having a survey on our Township Website.  Lots didn’t think a survey was a fair way to do it either, stating that people voting could be more than Perry Township residents.  Kenny and Renee Rosebrook are working on putting a survey together. 

Mr. Nick Cronkleton gave his view point on the farmers view point.  Most attendees were wanting a Resolution passed by the Trustees tonight.  Mr. Kenny Rosebrook talked as a resident, he has tillable acreage all around him.  He is against the solar panels and he is for passing a Resolution tonight.  Mr. Paul Benedetti, Logan County Commissioner, reported that the Commissioners are working on this project every day.  He stated that if passed it needs to be a Resolution and not just a letter.  Mr. Benedetti told Mr. Vercutti that the solar panel project is not right for Logan County.

   Mrs. Linda Hughes reported that there is door to door canvassers in West Mansfield from the Solar Company, trying to get people to be in favor of the Solar Panel Project. 

   Mr. Vercutti stated that it is not to late, as the company has not even filled out their application yet.  That application is the 1st step for the company.  And then it takes months and months after the application has been filled.    

Mr. Brose would like to have 2 weeks (15 days) to try a survey for the residents.

Most were against any survey at all.  John wanted to know is it possible if he signs this, could we still do the survey???  Renee Rosebrook said that if he would sign it, she will have the survey on the website tomorrow.  All Trustees signed the following Resolution.


                                       RESOLUTION # 02-14-22 

      A motion was made by John Gibson and seconded by Ken Rosebrook, Sr. 

 To the following:

 WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees of Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio, unanimously approve a resolution to restrict any Industrial Solar and/or Industrial Wind facilities within Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio.  For the reason these facilities would adversely affect Perry Township properties.

THEREFORE, the Board of Trustees of Perry Township request that Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio be restricted from Industrial Solar and/or Industrial Wind facilities.

 Adopted this 14th day of February, 2022

 Resolution Approved By:

 John Brose, Trustee

John D. Gibson, Trustee

Kenneth A. Rosebrook, Sr., Trustee

     Most were very appreciative of the signing of this Resolution.

     Mr. Daniel Vercutti, he knows people are very upset.  He said there were a lot of comments made tonight that the facts are not always accurate.  He asks that people look more at the fact information.  He will continue to come and try to answer questions and give the facts.  He knows people don’t believe him.  And also, there is a lot more work that needs to be done by their company, before going forward.  The 1st step is the application, that has not been done yet. Still a long process to go.  Daniel stated that this is not a done deal. Thank you to Mr. Vercutti for continue to come to our meetings to answer questions.

    Mr.  John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Kenny Rosebrook.

Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes, and Gibson, yes.       

BILLS:   TOTAL  $ 75,441.67


    Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. John Gibson.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes, and Gibson, yes.