The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, July 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty.  Roll Call; John Brose, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Terry Cook, present, and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Bonnie Brose,  Dave Frangis, Keith Montgomery, Kacy Welty, Dave Cook,  Rhonda Cook, Larry Wellington,  Linda Baldridge, Leah Lookabaugh, Joy Litteral, Kyle Brugler, George Ondick, Justin from Fire Safety Services, Casey Lee from Phoenix Outfitters, Dave James, Eric Cook, Mike Yoder and Dan Ackley.

Chairman Brose called the meeting to order and all stood for the Pledge of     Allegiance.       

     The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this

 Meeting.  Mr. Brose asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes,

then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were

 given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  They both stand approved by the trustees.

     Justin from Fire Safety Services and Casey Lee from Phoenix Outfitters were invited to the meeting by the fire chief, Mr. Keith Montgomery to discuss and compare prices on fixing and washing the turn out gear at the fire dept.  Chief doesn’t think we should be washing our own gear.  He feels that we should be able to get our turn out gear washed twice a year by a company.  The turnout gear is to last 10 years, we have 3 sets getting ready to be outdated.  Justin of FSS gave an update on their company and what they could do for us.  Then Casey of Phoenix gave an update on their company and what they could do for us.  Phoenix actually brings the equipment and turnout gear to

The dept. to try on, where FSS, we go up there to try it on.  Phoenix is out of Springfield.  Phoenix has a rewards program where we get 2% rebate back for every dollar we would spend at their company.  They also have loaner gear for free if they have our gear at their shop.  Justin of FSS explained that they don’t do rental or have loaner gear, but they can do customized turnout gear in 5 days.  Phoenix doesn’t dry the gear, they air dry them.

Chief reported that Joe Torsell, Jim Collins and Kyle Brugler’s gear all needs to be replaced.  Chief stated that they will be discussing this tomorrow night at the fire meeting and then they will come back to the Trustees, and then they will make a decision. 

Chief reported that he was told not to send anyone up to FSS to get fitted.  Justin didn’t know who would have told Keith that.  Chief was upset about this.  Justin said to go ahead and send them up to them to get fitted.  Justin reported that he came down and measured Jessica and he screwed it up.  He admitted to doing this and he made it right.

     Bonnie Brose thanked the Chief for all his help on the 4th celebration, she thanked the fire dept., Jeff for taking care of the merry go round and John Brose for all his help.  Next year they are going to need help, John Brose is getting to old to do all this on his own.  Bonnie thanked Terry for all his work getting things ready before hand.  Going to try to do the Street Dance on August 15 at the end of S. Main Street outside the Lodge Hall. 

     Mr. Brose told Mr. Larry Wellington that Ron Walls would like to have one of the green signs at his property. 

     Mr. Dave Frangis brought up that the concrete floor in the shelter house; some people fell over the weekend because the floor was slick.  Mr. Dave James reported that we could put sand in with a sealer for some traction.

   Chief Montgomery reported that they need a cabinet, an explosion cabinet.  It would be for the $90.00 gas that the dept. has.  The cabinet runs around $500.00 to $700.00.  Mr. Brose stated that we should probably get one for the shop as well.  Needs to be a fire safety box.  Chief will get some prices before the next meeting.  Chief said chest of drawer size 3 or 4 ft. across.  Trustees will check this out.

     Chief wanted to know if they have done anything about the doorbell for the firehouse.

Mr. Brose said they haven’t done anything yet, because he thinks they are going to have to be wired.  Matter was discussed and Trustees said there isn’t that much of a problem to wire them.

     Chief reported that they got their Marx radios.  They are waiting on Don Detrick to give us permission to put his marks in them and then we can file for our license. We are hoping to have them up and running in 2 weeks. 

     Chief reported that Mr. Kacy Welty is going to go out to Honda on July 23 to a job fair and talk about fire and EMS.  This is one of his duty days.

     Chief had a request from Billy Rings; he would like to have 2-40 x 40 tarps. And also wants 2 -100’ of 8 millimeter nylon rope.

     Chief said that they need a new tarp made for the grass truck.  This is a heavy duty tarp and needs to be made by Fire Safety Services. 

     Chief reported that Billy Rings did us a big favor; he went down in the cistern and cleaned it out.  He shoveled about 6 to 7” of iron residue out of there.  Aaron Litwin pulled the buckets up and dumped them.  Very much appreciative of these two ff. 

     Chief said that the computer came in today and is up and working just fine.

     Chief reported that we received a check from the Firefighters Charitable Foundation for $300.00.  When Jennifer Ganson Bowman was here she filled out paperwork for a grant and we have gotten it.       Cindy is going to call and make sure it is for us and not for where she is working now.

     Chief said that they are going to order some oil for the jaws.  We need a couple of quarts. 

     Squad Chief Dave Cook said that they need a pediatric vacuum back mattress.  They cost around $400.00.   With a pump they are $620.00, but we don’t need the pump.  Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion for said purchase, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.   Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes. 

   Chief Cook reported that the squad will be up to the Logan County Fair Friday covering the demolition derby.  Chief said that the squad has been running good.  The lights have been fixed also. 

   Mrs. Joy Litteral reported that the Logan County EMS is taking a couple months off.  They will be back to meeting in September. 

     Mr. Dave James of Heiby Oil was here to see if we wanted to do our pre-buy again this year?  We got 7,500 gallons last year and we have a small amount leftover.  We used 7,200 last year.  With the leftovers from the last 2 years we have about 2,800 carryover.  

  Dave offered us $1.19.9 per gallon this year.  After some discussion, Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion to purchase 7,500 gallon, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes. 

     Mr. Brose asked Mr. James if he was going to put a Subway in the old gas station, Mr. James said NO.  Mr. Brose said he had heard he was.  Mr. Brose wanted to know how hard it would be to get a gas station back in town.  Mr. James said the volume just isn’t there for it to be feasible. 

     Mr. Mike Yoder, Logan County Auditor, was here to present the park levy that the Trustees want to put on the November ballot.

     Mr. John Brose made a motion to pass the following Resolution:

WHEREAS, The Township of Perry requests the Logan County Auditor to prepare a Certificate of Estimated Property Tax Revenue to be generated for an additional levy in the amount of 1.00 mills which is levied for the purpose of Parks pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 5705.19(H) to be placed on the ballot for the general election to be held on the 3rd day of November, 2015 and to be collected beginning with tax year 2015 which is calendar year 2016.

   NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Township of Perry that the Logan County Auditor is hereby requested to present said certificate at his earliest convenience.

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook seconded the Resolution and the vote being called upon its adoption, the vote resulted as follows:


                                    Mr. John Brose                        aye

                                    Mr. Jeff Rosebrook                 aye

                                    Mr. Terry Cook                       aye


Passed this 13th day of July, 2015.


     The County Auditor of Logan County, Ohio does hereby certify the following:


 On July 13, 2015, the authority of the Perry Township certified a copy of its resolution or ordinance adopted July 13, 2015, requesting the county auditor to certify the current tax valuation of the subdivision and the amount of revenue that would be produced by one (1.00) mills, to levy a tax outside the ten-mill limitation for Parks purposes pursuant to Revised Code 5705.19 (H), to be placed on the ballot at the November 3, 2015, election.  The levy type is Additional.
The estimated property tax revenue that will be produced by the stated millage, assuming the tax valuation of the subdivision remains constant throughout the life of the levy, is calculated to be $50,000.00.
The total tax valuation of the subdivision used in calculating the estimated property tax revenue is $50,596,220.00


It is possible that this amount will change each year.


     Mr. John Brose moved the adoption of the following Resolution:


      WHEREAS, the amount of taxes which may be raised within the ten mill limitation will be insufficient to provide an adequate amount for the necessary requirements of said Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio;

     RESOLVED, by the Board of Trustees of the Perry Township, Logan County Ohio two-thirds of all members elected thereto concurring, that it is necessary to levy a tax in excess of the ten-mill limitation for the benefit of Perry Township for the purpose of current expenses for Perry Park- (ORC 5705.19 (H)). At a rate not exceeding 1 (one) mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to ten cents ($.10) for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for five years, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  This is an additional levy.

     RESOLVED, that the question of levying additional taxes be submitted to the electors of said Perry Township at the General election to be held at the usual voting places within said Perry Township on the 3rd day of November, 2015; and be it further

     RESOLVED, that said levy be placed upon the tax list of the current year after the February settlement next succeeding the election, if 51% of the electors voting thereon vote in favor thereof; and be it further

    RESOLVED, that the Clerk of this Board of Trustees of Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio, not less than 75 days before the election upon which it will be voted and notify said Board of Elections to cause notice of election on the question of levying said tax to be given as required by law.

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook seconded the motion and the roll being called upon its adoption the vote resulted as follows:

                              Mr. John Brose                                    aye

                              Mr. Jeff Rosebrook                             aye

                              Mr. Terry Cook                                   aye


Adopted this 13th day of July, 2015.


     Mr. John Brose explained why we need to put this levy on for the park.  Mr. Yoder stated that on a $100,000.00 property this levy would cost $35.00 per year. 

     Mrs. Joy Litteral stated that she heard a lot of good compliments about the fireworks.  The Examiner estimated that there were 3,000 people at the celebration.

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook had a price for re-capping the walking track in the back part of the Park.  It is from Quality Paving and was for $17,750.00.  After some discussion, the Trustees want to get more quotes. 

     Mr. Rosebrook brought up about the merry-go-round at the park.  A boy got hurt on the July celebration and had to be squaded to the hospital.  Right now the merry-go-round is sitting flat on the ground at the park.  There were a lot of kids playing on it that day.  Maybe we could put it on and just take it off on the July celebration that seems to be when someone gets hurt on it.  Trustees stated that they either need to fix it right or take it off.  Mr. Brose said that we do need to put in some pea gravel under the monkey bars.  Either pea gravel, mulch or the rubber stuff, it is supposed to be so thick under the equipment to meet code.  This needs to be done right away.  After some discussion, the Trustees agreed to remove the merry-go-round at this time. And look into replacing it.

     Mrs. Stalling reported that the County Township Quarterly meeting will be July 23 at Belle Center with a picnic.

    Mrs. Stalling stated that the annual road meeting at the Logan County Engineers office is August 3 at 3:30.


     Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.

 Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes.


TOTAL OF BILLS:    $  61,465.47


INCOME FOR JUNE:   $ 217,993.73

                                 Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes, and Cook,yes.