The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday,   

June 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the East Liberty Community Room.  Roll Call: John Brose, present, Terry Cook, present, John Baughman, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Bonnie Brose, Doug Mercer,  Doug Henry, Larry Wellington, Linda Baldridge, Dan Coats,  Kyle Brugler and Marley,  Tim Stalling, Mike Yoder, and Jeff  Rosebrook.

     The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mr. John Brose and all said the Pledge of Allegiance. 

     The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees prior to the meeting along with the financial reports.  The minutes and the financial reports stand approved by the Trustees.

     Mrs. Bonnie Brose reported that July 7th is fireworks day.

    Mr. Mike Yoder, Logan County Auditor, attended to bring the prepared paperwork for our 1.5 mill fire levy. 

    Mr. John Brose moved the adoption of the Resolution of Necessity to Levy a Renewal Tax in Excess of the Ten-Mill Limitation for the Purpose of Fire Protection.  Mr. Terry Cook seconded the Resolution.  Voted on By:

John Brose, Terry Cook and John Baughman. This was Resolution No. 06-11-08A.

    Mr. John Brose moved the Adoption of the following Resolution to proceed with the Submission of the Question of Levying a Renewal Tax in Excess of the Ten-Mill Limitation for the Purpose of Fire Protection.  Mr. John Baughman seconded the Resolution.  Voted on By; John Brose, Terry Cook, and John Baughman.  This was Resolution No. 06-11-2018B.

     Mr. Mike Yoder also had the Certificate of Estimated Property Tax Revenue.

This levy is calculated to be $77,000.00 per year for 5 years.

     Mr. Doug Mercer brought up about no one spraying for mosquitoes.  Mr. Brose reported that Mr. Kurt Penhorwood is supposed to be going to do this for us but he hasn’t went and taken the test yet.  Mr. Brose tried to get ahold of Josh Levan so see if he was interested in doing it but he won’t answer his phone. John wanted to see if Josh would do it until Kurt got his license. Mr. Kyle Brugler said that he would be interested in doing this for us; he would like to be a backup.

    Mrs. Linda Baldridge reported that 2 of her grand boys were down playing at the Park and there is not enough pea gravel at the playground.  They also said that there is not any shade at the playground.  Her daughter loved the shelter house and commented on all the outlets in it.

     Fire Chief, Doug Henry, had talked to Rod Bair about the dry hydrant and he is on board about installing one on his property of we would like to.  Chief is going to set up a meeting with Logan Construction to see what it will cost to set it up at the Township’s expense.

     Chief also brought up about the property on C R 12, the Stanford property, Chief talked to the County to see if we gravel, will they pave it, Chief was told that the person he talked to would have to talk to the Engineer.  Anything in the span over 10’ belongs to the County.  Mr. Brose is having a meeting with the County Engineer, Scott Coleman and he will set up to have a meeting with him and the Chief when he is there. 

    Chief talked to Danny Sutphen of Sutphen, and he would like to have both of our trucks.  He will take them as trade-in to our new Tanker/Pumper.  They will give us $5,000.00 for the old grass truck and $7,500.00 for the Rescue Van.  Mr. John Brose made a motion to give them these trucks on trade-in, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes. 

     Chief brought up about the billing software for Fire/EMS for runs.  What we have now will expire at the end of July and they would like to look at a couple of different options.  Mr. Kyle Brugler had some paperwork on a company that does both the fire, EMS, where now we do the fire runs through a company called Firehouse, and Robinaugh does our EMS runs.    We pay Firehouse $1,000.00 per year and Robinaugh charges by how many runs we have and how much money was taken in that month by EMS runs. Therefore, it is different every month.  A new system Kyle was looking at is called Emergency Recording and it is $2,200.00 per year with a one-time $1,000.00 set up fee.  That $2,200.00 is locked in for 5 years.    Mr. Brugler reported that the company charges 3% per run, and Robinaugh is now charging us 8% per run.  Medicount is the EMS Company.  The fire dept. is not happy with the customer service from Robinaugh.  This other company is based out of Vandalia.

   After a lot of discussion, Mr. Brose made a motion to change the fire billing to Emergency Reporting and not renew with Firehouse, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.

Mr. Brugler is going to be doing more checking to see about the EMS billing and to see if they do the Medicare/CGS reporting for the Township.

     Chief brought up wanting to know if there is any change as to offering any retirement to the 24 hr. people in the near future.  Mr. Brose stated that we do not know how much we are going to lose so therefore there will not be any decisions made.    

     Mr. Tim Stalling brought up that with the levies we are paying on, and the 3 -24 hr. people, that if we do not offer them something to keep them, they probably are not going to stick around.  In addition, if we do not have the manpower, then we are not accomplishing what we said we would do with 24-hour coverage for the Township.  If we would pay into Police & Fire, then they would be considered full-time employees, instead of part-time.

     Mr. Brugler suggested we put together a Budget Committee for the fire dept.  Linda Baldridge and Tim Stalling both volunteered to be on it, if we would ever have one.

     Mr. Brose stated that we would re-visit this again.  Mr. Stalling brought up about billing for mutual-aid runs.

     Mrs. Bonnie Brose reported that she had a man come to her about our newly elected Trustee, Mr. John Baughman; the gentleman said he never knew Mr. Baughman before, but he knows him now and he is amazed with him.

     Bonnie asked Chief Henry to be in charge of the parade on July 7 and he said he would do that.  And she would like to have the fire dept. in the parade as well.

     It was asked about drug use at the fire dept. and was reported that there is 0 tolerance of drug use at the Fire Dept.  Anyone in question needs to be tested. 

     Mr. Larry Wellington reported that they are planning to start the membership drive for the fire dept. at the end of this month. They will also be passing out the medicine vials at that time.  The plan is to do all of Perry Township.

     Mr. and Mrs. Chuck and Jenny Boudrow are petitioning to close an alley that runs through the middle of Kenny Peters Property on Foundry St.  They had brought the petition with them and anyone interested may sign it for them tonight.  They will take it to the Logan County Commissioners along with $150.00 to file it. 

     Mr. Terry Cook reported that the Memorial Day service at the Cemetery went well, and the cemetery looked really nice.

    We went through 6 dumpsters on Dumpster Day and it cost the Township $3,100.00 for this.

     Mrs. Stalling reported that we have our annual meeting at the Engineer’s Office for Roadwork on Wednesday, from 2:30 – 4:00.

     Mr. Brose reported that the pop cooler at the Concession Stand at the Park blew up. It belongs to the Boosters; John found out that Lowe’s rents them out for $15.00 per month.  Mr. Brose is going to do some more research on this.

     We had the new changes for the Zoning; Mr. Brose made a motion to accept the changes, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.  

     Mrs. Stalling reported that there is a Zoning Appeals meeting on June 19 for Brian Stierhoff.  It will be at 7:30 p.m. at the Community Room.


     Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bill, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.


TOTAL OF BILLS: $74,649.24

INCOME FOR MAY:  $ 18,316.53



   Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes, and Baughman, yes.