The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday,   

June 8, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the East Liberty Community Room.  Roll Call: John Brose, present, Jeff Rosebrook, absent, Terry Cook, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Ryan Furlong, Bonnie Brose, Dave Cook, Linda Baldridge,  Kacy Welty,  Keith Montgomery, Dave Frangis, Joy Litteral, Nelson Baxley, Rhonda Cook, Larry Wellington, Daina Welty, Nick Cronkleton and Dan Ackley.

     The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mr. John Brose and all said the Pledge of Allegiance. 

     The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees prior to the meeting along with the financial reports.  The minutes and the  financial reports stand approved by the Trustees.

   Mr. Ryan Furlong, of the Logan County Sheriff’s Dept. was here to see if we were willing to have all the equipment to hang on to the Verizon cell phone tower, so that we would be able to hear the county and they would be able to hear us over our radios.  It will cost around $2,100.00 to hang the equipment and he would like for our township to pay ½ of that and he is going to see if Zane Township would be willing to go the other half.  This would help until we get the Marx Radios.  Ryan said that there will be a monthly fee with the Marx radios, not sure how much yet and this is per radio.    Ryan explained a lot about all the problems with the radios and communication.  After a lot of discussion, Mr. Brose made a motion to pay ½ of this, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, absent and Cook, yes.  This is to get done yet this year. This is just for the guy to climb the tower and hang the equipment.

      Fire Dept. is looking into the Marx Radios.  Chief Montgomery had 2 quotes tonight for these radios:  the quote from Bender Comm was for $8,180.00 and from Radio Hospital $10,987.40.  This is for a radio for the medic and one for the tanker.  There was some discussion with Mr.,. Furlong about these radios.  Mr. Brose made a motion to purchase these radios from Bender Comm, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, absent, Cook, yes.   Originally Radio Hospital told us if bought one we would get one free, but this didn’t pan out. Keith will place the order and they will be in in 2 weeks.

      Chief reported that they are almost done with the house numbers for the residents.  They have like 2 more roads to do.

     Fire dept .used the hose tester and it worked really well.   

     Fire Dept. went out to TRC last Saturday and did the hydrant testing.

     The lights on the squad are not fixed yet, Kacy is working on it, and he has Terry working on this.  Terry is talking with the engineers to see what exactly needs to be done. 

Kacy will call him and shakes his tail as we have been messing with this for at least a month. 

     Chief Montgomery brought up about giving the medics more money.  John wanted to know if we were the lowest paid medics around or not, Dave Cook said that they are getting benefits and retirement.  John said that we can’t compete with that.    Trustees said that they will do some thinking on this before our next meeting.   

     Squad Chief Dave Cook brought up about the body bags, and they came today. 

     Larry Wellington appreciated the recent purchase of the nomex hoods, we got 6 new ones. 

    Larry, Kacy and Leah started their 240 class.

     Kacy had new signature forms as the old ones were incorrect, Darin Robinaugh sent us a new one for us to use.  This new form covers the HIPPA law and is also good for the billing aspect of it.  Trustees are okay with the new form.

     Pharmalogistics came and got our outdated drugs, they billed us $225.00 for this.  All of us are very pleased with this company.  

      Mr. Dan Ackley, zoning inspector gave a zoning update.  LUC had made up some forms for people with swimming pools.  After looking over the forms and discussing them, Dan is going to hands them out with the permits.

     Mr. Brose reported that the mosquito man has started fogging for mosquitos.  He is fogging on Wednesday evenings. 

     Mr. Terry Cook reported that we got our new bush hog.   And our new tractor will probably be in in August. 

     Mr. Cook reported that he had a funeral Friday for Jesse Savage, and the cemetery looked real nice for Memorial Day.

     Mr. Brose said that we need to order more berm material as we are out. 

     Mr. Brose reported that  we need to get some more military concrete forms, we are going to order another skid of them.

     Mr. Brose brought up that with Dave being out on sick leave, they are having some trouble keeping up with the weed eating.  Trustees are thinking about hiring Kurt Penhorwood’s son to do this, and Kurt has workers comp already on him.  Kurt will provide the equipment, and the round up for $15.00 per hour.  Trustees would like to have him do the guardrails and also the park. 

     Mr. Brose got a request for a basketball net for the park, where the tennis court is, so John will pick one up and then the Trustees can put it up.

   Mr. Brose brought up about cutting some trees at the park, there are 4 along the tennis court that are dyeing and needs to be removed.  There are some in the Greenlawn Cemetery that needs to be removed. 

     Mrs. Stalling brought up about Carolyn Hindall’s parent’s tombstone base is really bad and this is in the GreenLawn Cemetery.  She would like it to be replaced, but she is on a fixed income and can’t afford a big bill, could she make payments on this.  John said that it is over 10 years old.  Cindy had a phone number and gave it to John and he will call her.  We will take payments from her if need be.

     There are a few things that have been overlooked from last month. They are: didn’t get the Thompson seal for the picnic table at the firehouse, didn’t get the signs for pooping dogs at the park, and didn’t get the doorbell for the firehouse.   John said that he is on this. 

     Kacy brought up that there was a notice on the laptop at the firehouse today that the anti-virus renewal is up and needs to be renewed.   This is for the 3 computers at the firehouse.  John will get with Kacy and get this taken care of.  

     Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.

  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, absent, and Cook, yes.


TOTAL OF BILLS:     $66,069.01



INCOME FOR MAY:     $11,422.75


    Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, absent, and Cook, yes.

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