The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty.  Roll Call; John Brose, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Terry Cook, present, and Cindy Stalling present.  Also present was Dave Cook, Joy Litteral, ,Bonnie Brose, Larry Wellington, Craig Hibner, Doug Mercer, Dave Frangis, Chuck and Jenny Boudrow, Doug Henry, Daina Welty, Kacy Welty, Doug Wills, Chandra Manns, Josh Levan and Pup McColloch.

     All stood and said the pledge of Allegiance.     

 The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Brose asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  All minutes and reports stand approved.

     Mr. Craid Hibner, of OTARMA, was here to present a quote for the Township Insurance.  He had printouts and he went over them with the Trustees.  He is showing a big savings from our present policy holder of $3,200.00.  After a lot of discussion, Mr. Brose told Mr. Hibner that we would like to contact our current Insurance Company and see what they can do for us before we make a decision.  Matter was tabled until our next meeting. 

     Mr. Larry Wellington wanted to know if some of the firemen go to the FDIC, would the Township reimburse the fire dept for their entrance fees?  We always have in the past and the Trustees all agreed to reimburse them again.

     Mrs. Jenny Boudrow was interested in finding out if the township will be fogging for mosquitos this year?  She was told that yes we will be fogging.

     Mrs. Joy Litteral attended the Logan County EMS meeting and they are going to be doing a “Doors for Hope” this year.  They will be purchasing a door and decorating it to be auctioned off.  She also reported that the Logan County Historical Society will be honoring the County Fire/EMS personnel on May 1st  from 1 to 4 p.m.  They would like to have a uniform and small items to be put on display from all departments and they would like to have them by April 15.  All items will be returned to the departments.

     Mr. Brose brought up about when the tones went out recently when those teenagers were missing, is there any way they can report when they are found so everyone will know and can stop looking.  Joy will bring this up at the next meeting.

     Doug Henry wanted to know if the Natural Gas Company is done in town or not?  John said NO, they will be back, but they had to go to London and finish up a job there.  Joy wanted to know if they are suppose to fix up all damage to yards.  John will ask them, but Terry and Jeff said that they are suppose to fix all damage to yards. The fire dept wants a map of where all the pipelines are. 

   Mr. Chuck Boudrow reported that the Legion has sponsored the Little League in town again this year.  They will be having a pancake breakfast on May 7. 

      Doug Henry, Assist. Fire Chief, brought up about water source.  Did anyone suggest maybe April McCreary’s pond?  You would have to run a hydrant out to the road.  Terry Cook will ask her about it?  Stanford’s on CR 12 was brought up.  It would need an  extender on it and brought out to the road, we don’t have enough hose to reach it as it is.

John said they will check the one on CR 12 and the dept can check out the one at Melony Baker’s when the weather breaks.

     Doug Wills and Chandra Manns were wondering when the natural gas was going to be done?  Is it going to be ready for this winter season, Trustees told then yes it will be.

     Josh Levan had quotes from 3 different companies about the chemicals for mosquito fogging.   Josh will be doing the  fogging for us.  He went and took the chemical test.  For a 55 gal drum of chemicals the prices were:

                                                                         Mug-A-Bug  $2,124.00

                                                                        Univar   $1,545.50

                                                                        Clark   $4,000.00

Price per application :                                       Mug-A-Bug   $115.83

                                                                        Univar    $84.30

                                                                          Clark      $196.34

 Univar would come out and calibrate our machine, the other 2 companies we would have

to take the machine to them.

   After a lot of discussion, Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion to go with Univar, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Rosebrook, yes.  Josh recommended we order 2- 55 gal drums of chemicals. Josh said that we will probably go through 3 gallons of chemicals per application. So, we will get 2 drums of chemicals at $1,545.50 per drum, and have them come out and calibrate our machine.  We will also order cleaner for the machine too.  West Mansfield is interested in us fogging for their village.  Trustees have talked to the Logan County Prosecutor and he said it was fine to do West Mansfield.  They were wanting us to do around the 4th of July, cause they aren’t financially able to do this on a weekly basis. They would like to have a price per fogging for them.  Josh did some figuring and he thought he would use between 5 to 6 gal per spraying per time.  He thought around $210.00 per fogging.  Trustees all agreed to charge them $200.00 per fogging, using our chemicals. 

     Mr. Mitch Current had 2 quotes for getting the responders hooked up at the fire dept.  The quoted were from Bender Communications for $2,538.40 and from B&C for $2,457.18 with a difference of $81.22.  So, Mr. Terry Cook made a motion to have Bender Communications come out and install them, seconded by Jeff Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Rosebrook, yes. 

     Pup McColloch wanted to know if we would spray for mosquitos from East Liberty to West Mansfield.  ALL Trustees told him NO. You country folks are out of luck !!!

    Mr. Dave Cook, squad chief, asked about the BWC grant for the auto-pulse.  John and Cindy have been meeting with Susan from BWC.  The application can’t go in until April 1st.  There is NO money available until June 1st.  John has to make a video with 3 EMS personnel coming down a set of stairs and doing chest compressions, and then going into the ambulance and also going in the ambulance around some turns. 

    Mr. Terry Cook reported that the new picnic tables are in the shelter house.

     The doors for the firehouse are not in yet.

     John brought up about what we are going to do with the Lodge Hall this year?  Are we going to paint or cover up the windows?  After some discussion all Trustees agreed to go with just painting them this year. If it is rotted out, then replace that board. 

    We opened the bids on the old picnic tables. 

          Table 3 or 7 bid from Holly Baughman for $8.00 each.

         Table 9 $10.00 from Holly Baughman

          Table 5  $26.60 from Tracy Ackley

          Table 12  $32.60 from Tracy Ackley

          Table 7,6,5,4,3,  $20.00 for all from Hayden Ackley

           Table 1,5,6,7,12,14  $1.00 each  from Abby Brose

            Table 8   $5.00  from Ginny Montgomery

 Table 3 for $8.00 goes to Holly Baughman, Table 7 for $8.00 goes to Holly Baughman.

Table 8 for $5.00 goes to Ginny Montgomery, Table 9 for $10.00 goes to Holly Baughman, Table 5 for $26.60 goes to Tracey Ackley, Table 12 for $32.60 goes to Tracey Ackley, Table 1 for $1.00 goes to Abby Brose, Table 14 for $1.00 goes to Abby Brose, Table 4 and 6, goes to Hayden Ackley for $4.00 each , Tables still available 2, 10, 11 and 13.  Mitch said he would buy them for $1.00. Kacy wants to buy 10 for $.50.  So Mitch let him have # 10. 

     Doug Mercer reported that the Street light in front of his property keeps going off and on.  John will report it.

     Spring Dumpster Day will be May 14 from 8 to 12 in front of Perry Park.  Jeff will get the dumpsters, starting with 3 of them.

      Terry reported that they cut down a tree.  Rescue is fixed and ready to pick up tomorrow.      

      We need to advertise cleaning off the cemeteries.  Clean off by April 1 and re-decorate starting April 8.  Will advertise 2 times in the Examiner.

     Mr. Jeff Rosebrook reported that he sold a cemetery lot to Josh Levan. 

     Martha Miller wanted to thank the squad for their quick response to picking her up, she was very impressed.

     John reported that the tanker is out at TRC getting a new air pump put on it.

     John brought up about Ralph Hall’s contract for mowing the cemeteries.  Mr. Hall would like to be put on salary, so he will have an income in the winter months.  He would like to go to $500.00 for each mowing of the 3 cemeteries.  We figured we paid him around $880.00 per month last year.  He would like to start getting paid next month.  After some discussion, Mr. Jeff Rosebrook made a motion to give him the raise of $500.00 per mowing and a salary of $900.00 per month, seconded by Mr. John Brose.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Rosebrook, yes.  This will start in April. 

     John brought up about when to open the park?  The boosters are wanting the net for the batting cage put up as soon as possible.  Trustees agreed to open the park on April 1st.       

   We received our mileage paperwork from the County Engineer’s office.  Trustees signed both copies, will keep one and send one back to them.  We have 12.109 miles of roads. 

     Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, and Cook, yes.


TOTAL OF BILLS:  $57,652.73




     Mr. John Brose swore in the fiscal officer, Cindy Stalling, for her new term starting on April 1st, 2016. 



     Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, and Cook, yes.