The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, March 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty.  Roll Call; John Brose, present, Terry Cook, present, John Baughman, present and Cindy Stalling present.  Also present was Bonnie Brose, and Fire Chief, Doug Henry.   

     All stood and said the pledge of Allegiance.     

 The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Brose asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  All minutes and reports stand approved.

     Mr. John Brose brought up that he has talked to the Trustees in Jefferson and Zane Townships and all agree to sell the crack-fill machine that the townships went together and purchased several years ago. After some discussion, it was agreed upon to advertise it in the Examiner by sealed bids and to open these bids at our next meeting on April 11.  Mrs. Stalling will run the ad and all Trustees agreed to put a $10,000.00 reserve on it.  The Trustees have the right to accept or reject any or all bids. We are also going to offer the bidders a chance to raise their bids at the meeting.  Both other Townships agree with this also.

     The Cares Act report has been filled out and is done.

     Mr. Brose reported that they would like to purchase a snow blower attachment for the Bobcat.  He had a quote for a 72” one for $4,653.48; he feels that it would work well in the park, the cemeteries and on some roads.  After some discussion, Mr. Baughman made a motion for said purchase, seconded by Mr. Cook.   Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.  Ms. Stalling will fax the quote (Agreement), which was signed by the Trustees to Bobcat.  We were told it could take up to a year to receive this equipment.

     Mr. Brose brought up about the roof on the shelter house at the park, the one in the far back, needs to be checked out and the roof at the firehouse needs checked as well.  At the fire department, there is a leak in the old shop building.  In addition, at the shop on Temperance Street the old part of the building had a leak.  We need to get someone in to look at all these roofs.

     Mr. Brose reported that Mrs. Melony Baker, representing PTEC, told him that they would be having the 4th of July celebration on the Saturday after the 4th, which will be July 10.  The fireworks is a go, they are considering getting food vendors to come in for the day.

     Mr. Brose attended the meeting at the LUC office, they were discussing Sewer. The county Commissioners are looking at some property here in the Township to put the pumping station.  It has not been purchased as of yet.  They wanted to start the process at the beginning of next year; they said it would take 18 months to get it set up. The Commissioners are working on grants to help with the expense.  That should help the residents with the hook-up fees. 

     Mr. Brose brought up about having the back part of the shop on Temperance Street foam insulated. Matter was tabled, as they are looking into finding someone to do this.

     Mrs. Stalling had the quote from Stolly Insurance for the Township Insurance.  Quote was for $12,432.00 for the year.  Mr. Terry Cook made a motion to continue to go with Stolly Insurance and accept this quote, seconded by Mr. John Baughman.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.

     Fire Chief, Mr.  Doug Henry reported that they have had 2 meetings with TRC about our fire contract.  They are still working on some issues on the contract.

     Chief stated that Mrs. Jessica Gibson, would like to take an on-line class with the Emergency Reporting, it is the reporting company that the department uses.  The class is April 13 and 14 and costs $349.00.  It is a class that will teach you a more in-depth knowledge of the program.  Mr. Baughman made a motion for her to attend this class, seconded by Mr. Brose.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.

     Chief has been in contact with Heritage to schedule the pump testing for both the trucks for this month.  

        Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes, Baughman, yes.



TOTAL OF BILLS:   $87,019.05






     Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes, and Baughman, yes.