The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, November 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Room in East Liberty. Roll Call; John Brose, present, Jeff Rosebrook, present, Terry Cook, present, and Cindy Stalling present. Also present was Bonnie Brose, Keith Montgomery, Kacy Welty, Dave Cook, Rhonda Cook, Joy Litteral, Mitch Current, Larry Wellington, Victoria Current, Frank Harmon and Linda Baldridge.. Chairman Brose called the meeting to order and all stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting. Mr.Brose asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes, then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer. They both stand approved by the trustees. Mr. Frank Harmon, of Ohio Insurance Services was here to go over our health insurance Policy. We got a reduction in our premium. We are going to a higher deductible with No prescription co-pay. We are not losing any benefits nor are we gaining any benefits. We are going from $7,810.39 per month to $6,173.44 per month. Mr. Harmon went over all the policy with us and answered our questions for us. This amount is good for us for a year. Mr. Jeff Rosebrook moved the following Resolution: BE IT RESOLVED, by the Trustees of Perry Township that the policy of paying hospitalization, dental and vision insurance for all elected officials and full-time employees will be continued. All policy coverage is to be the same terms and any premium adjustments will be made at the arrival of the next notice of each policy. BE IT RESOLVED, that if any elected official chooses not to have hospitalization, dental and vision insurance coverage that he/she may so elect to have life insurance instead. BE IT RESOLVED, that said payment shall be made from the General Fund, Gas Fund, Road and Bridge Fund, Cemetery Fund, Park Fund and Special Fund (Fire) as appropriated. LET IT BE RESOLVED, that in the event if a change or loss of the now existing coverage the Township would at that time pick up full hospitalization, dental and vision insurance to match the terms of the other official’s policies. Until such time life insurance coverage will be selected if he/she chooses the life insurance policy instead. Mr. John Brose seconded the Resolution, and the roll being called upon its adoption, the vote resulted as follows: Mr. John Brose aye Mr. Jeff Rosebrook aye Mr. Terry Cook aye Bonnie thanked the Trustees for the new lights in the Community Room. Victoria brought up about being upset with the Trustees changing their minds about her going on fire runs. First she can, and now she can’t. She stated that she is signed up to take her fire class and feels that she could go on the runs and help out. She can get the guys water bottles, stand back and learn. The Trustees told her that they are afraid of her getting hurt. The Trustees told her that it was their fault for changing their minds about her going on runs. John has done some more reading and has talked to other fire depts.. and they don’t let members go on runs until they have their card. Victoria said that we can’t keep changing our minds on what she can and can’t do. The Fire Chief wrote up so rules on this. Basically stating that a new member can not go on any runs until they have their card. They can come to the dept and do training. They can’t drive any truck until they have their driving training. Once she has her driving training then she can start riding in the grass truck. Then she would move up to the rescue, the tanker, and on up to the engine. She has got to learn how to run the trucks. Chief does not want her to go to fires until she has her card, but she can train on the trucks and learn what to do and how to drive them. That is the only way to get experience. Chief said it would probably take a year to do the training before she can go on a run. Chief said this is for all new members not just Victoria. Joe Torsell is qualified to teach the driving class. All members need to take the driving class, there is a written test and a driving test. Joe will have to do all the grading of the tests. ALL members on the dept will have to take the driving class unless they have proof that they have already taken the class. Mitch wanted to know if the 3 Trustees were going to take the CEVO driving class, as the dump trucks are considered emergency vehicles. John told him No. Chief said that this was just being picky and it was over. Victoria then brought up about little kids riding in the fire trucks. They aren’t going to take the class to ride in the fire truck. John told her this was a totally different situation, that is for the kids to ride in the trucks for parades and their guardians are signing waivers to let them ride. John went over the waiver and explained it to Victoria. Chief Montgomery stated that this subject is done, what he says goes and this is done! Chief Montgomery brought up that the tanker needs fixed and that the grass truck needs a new light bar. We had 2 estimates for fixing the tanker : 1) Sutphen for $7,534.00 and 2) Jeff Welding for $3,150.00. We have $500.00 deductible on the insurance. Mr. Terry Cook said to let the Chief decide where he wants to take it. Chief would like to see Sutphen fix it. Mr. Terry Cook made a motion to let Sutphen fix the tanker, seconded by Mr. John Brose. Brose, yes, Rosebrook, no and Cook, yes. We had a quote for the light bar for the grass truck. From Sutphen it is $2,300.00. A total for $2,971.00 to be installed. Jeff made a motion for said purchase, seconded by Terry. Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes. There was discussion about the tanker, the rescue and the grass truck. Chief stated that we need to have somewhere to put the 5 air packs. Chief thanked the Trustees for the air bottles. Chief reported that Shawn Schlabach started last week and he needs a new pair of boots. Squad Chief Dave Cook reported that at their last EMS meeting they came up with their own SOP’s. John read the SOP’s. Drivers must be 21, taken the CEVO driving class. Jeff made a motion to accept the SOP’s, seconded by Terry. Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes. SOP’s will become effective Jan. 1, 2015. Dave had a letter from a concerned citizen about the broken rocking squirrel toy at Perry Park. They would like to see it replaced. John said that another of the rocking toys has broke too. John made a motion to replace them by spring, seconded by Jeff. Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes. Trustees are going to go to Broadway and look at the ones they have at their park. Dave stated that since the levy passed how about we build a new fire house. He would like to have one at the corner of CR 10 and CR 154. With a new Community Room in it too. Could have pull through bays for the trucks. Matter was tabled after some discussion. Nice try Dave . Mr. Larry Wellington reported that they need 100 more of each number 0-9 for the emergency house numbers. They have around 40 houses done. TR 129, CR 142 and CR 2 are done. They also need some more fasteners and about 50 posts. Kacy Welty, the person we use for our oxygen supplies is not doing this service anymore. Kacy had a company that Robinaugh uses, it is Weiler Co. from Morengo, Ohio. Mr. John Brose made a motion to accept this company as our supplier, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Brose, yes, Rosebrook, and Cook, yes. Mr. Terry Cook reported that they have replaced the lights in the Community Room. The tile is done on TR 131 and 132. They unplugged the roots in the tile across Jimmy Moore’s property. It is a township tile. Cut 2 more dead trees at the park, they were Ash trees. The park has been winterized and closed for the winter. Mr. Jeff Rosebrook reported that brakes on the dump truck has been fixed and it has been serviced. Jeff has also sold a lot in the North Greenfield Cemetery. John told Jeff that someone has poured cement in his cemetery for a base. Jeff will check this out. Mr. John Brose reported that Trick or Treat went good. Mrs. Cindy Stalling had paperwork on Margie Cook going for total permanent disability. We all received a letter from the County Engineer about the price and shortage of salt this winter. Mr. Terry Cook reported that on Wednesday they are going to grind the tree stumps out of the Park. They are going to rent the grinder and do it themselves. Mr. Jeff Rosebrook had a price on a building for behind the shop, it is for a cold storage building. The price was $12,100.00. Trustees want to get more pricing. They would like to have a building that is 24’ x 60’ with a 10’ x 10’ door. Mr. John Brose reported that we got a new trailer to haul the backhoe and the bobcat. The tiller has been ordered. John reported that on the chip and seal roadwork for next year, TR 148 is 800’ long and will cost $2,346.00. TR 145 also 800’ long and will cost $1,466.00. Difference is the width. TR 131 is 3,027’ long and cost is $ 8,800.00, total is $12,691.00 for this roadwork. John called DP&L and tried to get a better pricing, he couldn’t get them to commit to the same price. It is up a penny to $.77 per kilowatt. Still a good price compared to what we were paying. Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes. BILLS: $64,843.40 INCOME FOR OCTOBER $21,160.61 Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Jeff Rosebrook. Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Cook, yes. 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