The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday, October 12 , 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Room, and also by on call conference calling in East Liberty.  Roll Call; John Brose, present, Terry Cook, present, John Baughman, present and Cindy Stalling present.  Also present was Mark Robinson, Bonnie Brose and Fire Chief Doug Henry. No one called in on the conference call.

      All stood and recited the Pledge of Alligence.            

     The minutes of the previous meeting was given to the Trustees to read prior to this meeting.  Mr. Brose asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes and then asked if there were any additions or corrections to the financial statements that were     given to the Trustees from the fiscal officer.  All minutes and reports stand approved.

     Mr.  Mark Robinson attended to introduce himself, as he is running unopposed for Logan County Commissioner.  He will be taking office Jan. 1, 2021 and will be replacing Mr. John Bayliss.  He stated that he was a CFO for 16 years with Robinson Investments.  He has been attending the Commissioners meetings, so he gave an update as to what they have been doing.  He gave update on himself. 

     Mr. Terry Cook reported that the exercise equipment for the park was put on the truck on the 16th in Florida and should be here this week. 

     Mr. John Brose reported that the buildings are still closed, except for 10 people or less with social distancing and wearing masks. 

     Mr. Brose is still working with Spectrum, trying to get it all figured out, and come and get it all installed. 

     Mr. Brose reported that on Dumpster day, we received 16 TV’s and this company would not take them.  Therefore, the Trustees will take them to the recycling center in Bellefontaine.

    Mr. Brose reported that the horse trough has been done and looks great.  Mr. Mark Owens of CPI is donating doing this project to the township.  It is very much appreciated.

     Mr. Brose brought up about the crack-fill machine, he talked to the Company we purchased it from and was told that, if we would order 1 or 2 skids of material from them, we could use a machine for a small fee. That there would not be maintenance or upkeep on a machine Mr. Brose talked to Zane Twp. trustee, Doug Henry and he said that he would advertise the machine on  It was discussed as to the value of the machine. After some discussion, we figured it was valued around $8,000.00 to $10,000.00. All 3 Trustees agreed to get rid of the crack-fill machine.  It was discussed also about putting a reserve on it when advertised.  Mr. Brose will talk to Jefferson Twp. Trustee, Scott Armentrout too.

      The Cares Act money, we would like to purchase 2 Lucas devices with a 5-year warranty on them, and video laryngoscopes for a total of $44,555.98.   We will be getting a total of $43,345.55 from the Cares Act money, so the Township will have to pay the difference of $1,210.43 for the said equipment.  Chief Henry recommended getting both of the Lucas devices.  So,

     Mrs. Stalling reported that we received our Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources from the Logan County Auditor for the Cares Act money.

Mr. Cook made a motion to pay the difference out of the Fire Fund, seconded by Mr. Baughman.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.  Therefore, we will not be renewing our extended warranty for the auto-pulse from Zoll.

     Mr. Brose brought up about the lights on the walking track at the Park. There are 17 lights and to disconnect and remove the ballast and bulbs, reconnect the socket to line voltage and install LED bulbs to each fixture, then reconnecting the wiring in the underground junction box along the playground roadway.  Mr. Brose had 2 quotes, from HBI $3,852.00 and from Watkins Electric $3,200.00.  Mr. Baughman made a motion to accept the quote from Watkins Electric, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes. 

     Trustees will pour foundation bases this week, we have 4.

     Mr. Brose brought up about the sidewalk by the Lodge and the platform for the equipment at the park, the concrete will be poured at the end of October.

     We had a proposal from Troyers for a new zero-turn mower.  Our’s is 3 years old, so to trade it in, we can get a new one for $2,940.00.  Mr. Brose made a motion to trade ours in and purchase the new one, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Mr. Cook will contact Troyers and let them know. 

     Mr. Brose brought up that there is a couple people at the fire dept. wanting to get an I-Pad for the squad instead of the phone. Chief said an I-Pad would do more things instead of the phone.  Mr. Brose called Verizon about them and it will cost $469.00 to get one.  After some discussion, Mr. Brose made a motion to get one and try it, seconded by Mr. Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.

      Mrs. Stalling reported that we had our 1st run where both squads went out and we had the manpower to cover the call and respond.

      Mrs. Stalling brought up about the fire dept. patrolling for trick or treat. Chief said that they would be patrolling.  Trustees agreed to pay the dept. $50.00 for their services.

     Mrs. Bonnie Brose came into the meeting and wanted to know what we are going to do about people wanting the rooms (the Lodge and the Community Room)?  She said that the Masons want to have a dinner in the Lodge on Nov 6th. Bonnie said that the building belongs to the township; Mr. Brose stated that we have to go by what the Logan County Health Dept. that no more than 10 people in the buildings. 

     Chief Henry brought up that every 2 years the Medics have to go through their ACLS and Ped ALS classes.  We have 5 medics and it will costs $200.00 per medic for a total of $1,000.00.  The instructor will come here and do the class at our dept.  Mr. Brose made a motion to pay these 5 medics to attend this class, seconded by Mr. Baughman.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.

     Chief Henry brought up about getting 2 wheel kits from Gear Grid.  It is $346.00 for the kits, $311.00 for the freight, but the Gibsons are going to out there in MN next month and are willing to go and pick this up to save the freight.  Mr. Cook made a motion for said purchase, seconded by Mr. Baughman.   Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes. 

    Chief reported that the grass truck would be going to White’s for an oil change. ‘

       Mr. John Brose made a motion to pay the bills, seconded by Mr. John Baughman. Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.



BILLS TOTALED :  $84,161.27






       Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Terry Cook.  Brose, yes, Cook, yes and Baughman, yes.