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        The Board of Perry Township Trustees met in Special Session on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. at the East Liberty Community Room.  Roll Call: John Brose, present, Kenny Rosebrook, present, John Gibson, present and Cindy Stalling, present.  Also present was Nikki Yelton, Jessica Hart, Shelby Archer, Kristy Robson, Shanelle Epp and Jennifer Arm.  The purpose of this meeting is to interview applicants for the janitor position. .

        Chairman Mr. John Brose called the meeting to order and all said the Pledge of Allegiance.

     Mr. John Brose made a motion to go into Executive Session to conduct individual interviews with the applicants, seconded by Mr. John Gibson.  As per Ohio Revised Code 121.22 (G)(I).  Roll Call: Mr. Brose, aye, Mr. Rosebrook, aye and Mr. Gibson, aye.

The Board went into Executive Session at 10:05 a.m.

     Mr. John Brose made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 1:12 p.m., seconded by Mr. John Gibson.  Roll Call, Mr. Brose, aye, Mr. Rosebrook, aye and Mr. Gibson, aye.

    Mr. Rosebrook had made up a questionnaire with a point system to use for each applicant. 

    After much discussion, and with going with the point system.  Mr. John Brose made a motion to hire Shanelle Epp for the position as she received the most points, second by Mr. John Gibson.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, no and Gibson, yes.  So, Shanelle Epp will be our new janitor.

    Mr. Rosebrook explained that he voted for Nikki Yelton, as she had the most points for him and she has lived here her whole life, where Shanelle has only been in the Township like 5 years.

     The Board will announce who will be the new janitor at our next Township meeting on Monday, September 12, 2022.

    The Board would like to thank all the applicants for applying for the positions, which were: Nikki Yelton, Shelby Archer, Kristy Robson, Jessica Hart, Jennifer Arm and Shanelle Epp.

     Mr. John Brose made a motion for adjournment, seconded by Mr. Kenny Rosebrook.  Brose, yes, Rosebrook, yes and Gibson, yes.